Is a blue cruise in Turkey for me?

We have to be totally honest; are not going to be for everyone. We could write a novel on great things about but at the end of the day, it’s your holiday. We want you to have realistic expectations and know what you are getting into.  Consequently, we have put together a list of factors you should consider before jumping on a blue cruise in Turkey.

  • Every day we cruise to different bays, beaches and small villages. All activities are optional and guests can choose to stay on the gulet. However it is important to note that you may be travelling with either more active guests partaking in lots of activities or may be the complete opposite


  • Travel without having to move anywhere. Your room, luggage and entire hotel travels with you. If you like to change rooms every few days, then this type of accommodation is not for you. Once your cabin has been allocated to you, this is the room you will stay in for the rest of your journey with us.


  • Cabins on gulets are smaller than hotel rooms. Not that you will be spending much time in there!


  • Swimming day and night is a big part of blue cruises in Turkey. If you do not know how to swim this may not be the best type of accommodation for you. However our crew have lifejackets and tubes to help you float if you wish to see the turquoise coast by boat.


  • Turkish food, on the gulets especially, is delicious. Self-service on blue cruises is not available and we highly recommend to let go of any reservations you may have about eating different kinds of food. We cater for all dietary requirements but if you do not like vegetables and salads that are served at every meal then we suggest you starting to eat them.
Guests waiting to feast on delicious Turkish food served on the gulet
Guests waiting to feast on delicious Turkish food served on the gulet


  • We promote a laid back, relaxing lifestyle on our blue cruises in Turkey. There is plenty of time to sit back, enjoy a good book and take everything in your stride. If you are more comfortable with energetic, active and non-stop hustle and bustle for your vacation, you would be more suited to a large cruise rather than a gulet cruise in Turkey.


  • Are you travelling with as a family with young children? If you have children under 3 years old you definitely can still join a blue cruise in Turkey however we do not recommend it. Unlike big cruise ships gulets do not have fully enclosed side rails making it very easy for children to gain access to the sea. For children over 3 years of age, we find that they have the time of their lives!


  • More often than not, blue cruises in Turkey offer great value and very competitive rates. It may actually work out cheaper for you and your party to travel on a gulet cruise than stay in a hotel. Plus all your meals are included!


These are just some of the things to factor into your decision to join a blue cruise in Turkey. You may also think about the time of year you are travelling, how much time you have in Turkey and what the rest of your travel group likes doing on their vacations.  In our experience there really are not many people that do not like blue cruises in Turkey, come along and give it a try!

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