Gulet cruises in Turkey – An experience to last a lifetime

Those searching for an enthralling way of experiencing Turkey would be pleased to know that rank among the very best sailing tours in the world. Each of these tours allows tourists to explore the various ancient islands and archeological wonders as well as enjoy the breathtaking beauty offered by the gorgeous Turkish harbours. These sailing vessels known as gulets are unique and make sure that you make the fullest of your tour by exploring the various sights and sceneries that the tour has to offer.

A Wide Range of Gulet Cruises in Turkey to Choose From
Tourists are offered an excellent choice when it comes to these gulets. Each sailing vessel has been superbly handcrafted in teak, mahogany and pine and offers travellers with the very best in terms of quality and comfort, technology and service. A typical gulet normally holds up to a total of 12-16 passengers with most offering double or twin cabin options.  The word gulet has been derived from the French word ‘goulette’ that refers to a schooner. These Turkish gulets are normally made from local pine and have a sharp bow, rounded aft and broad beams. Service is something that sets gulets apart as all Gulet cruises in Turkey offer some of the very best captains and finest chefs of the country. What makes a gulet cruise even more special is that each mealtime is greeted with a new panorama that varies from picturesque fishing villages to exotic coves.

Gulet Cruises in Turkey Offer the Best Way of Exploring the Country
Those choosing to explore the sights and surroundings of Turkey in these gulet cruises are practically guaranteed with unending swimming opportunities, romantic sunsets, majestic sunrise views, mouthwatering dishes and world class service. Local wines and a range of international spirits have also been stocked for those long nights of fun and frolic. Apart from the on-board activities, tourists can also enjoy a range of offshore and onshore activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, sightseeing and exploring the various ancient archaeological wonders.

Gulet Cruises in Turkey Places to Visit
Most gulet cruises sail around the old world coasts of Lycia, Ionia and Caria. Tourists are offered with some of the most fascinating historical sites such as Aspendos (one of the oldest theatres in the world), Knidos (famous for its old world temples and terraces), Kaunos (a majestic rock-cut temple of tombs) and Ephesus (famous for its stunning theatre and library). What makes gulet cruises in Turkey so special is that they manage to perfectly combine the country’s history to its breathtaking natural beauty in order to offer passengers a perfect combination of a sea based and a land based adventure.

The exceptional site of the Ancient City of Kaunos
The exceptional site of the Ancient City of Kaunos

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