Enjoy Turkey on Gulet Charter

Chartering a yacht is considered as one of the best ways to enjoy an island holiday. If you are in Turkey this is called a Gulet charter because the yacht used is the traditional Turkish boat called a gulet. To truly enjoy a yacht charter holiday in Turkey it is best to choose a gulet suitable for your group size and an itinerary that will match your party’s tastes.

Benefits of Gulet Charter
One of the benefits of chartering a gulet in Turkey is that you get to have full control as to how long you will have the yacht at your disposal. Alaturka is one of the only companies that offers flexible Gulet charter packages where clients can create their own holiday itinerary.

Another benefit is the chance to enjoy a truly relaxing and pampering cruise with the most experienced crew to serve you. With our crew, you can be assured that your entire cruise is going to be a smooth-sailing one. This means that all you really have to do is to enjoy your holiday from day one to the time you are about to go home.
If you are a bit apprehensive about a cruising holiday, you shouldn’t be, because a Gulet charter cruise is a guaranteed fun, easy and relaxing holiday.

A yacht charter is also very much affordable and that is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t pass this opportunity up. You can enjoy a few days on the sea without breaking the bank, which is usually the case when going for other holiday options.

And of course, the best benefit of all is that you and your company can see and enjoy a different destination in a different way. During the cruise, you will not just have fun doing expected water activities like swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling, but you will also get to have the unique chance to get up close and personal with some of Turkey’s amazing cultural sites and historical locations.

A Gulet charter is probably one of the best options for a truly exciting and enjoyable Turkish holiday. If you haven’t considered this option yet, it is about time that you do so. After all, everyone needs to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in a place where beauty, culture, and history meet.

Gulet cruises along the Mediterranean
Gulet cruises along the Mediterranean

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