Best beaches in Turkey

There are countless beaches in Turkey, each one vying for attention, each one surpassing the other in beauty and history. Turkey is a land richly bestowed with tourist destinations, thanks to its magnificent and vast coast of the Mediterranean, populated with beaches, bays, quaint towns and busy cities, coupled with its unique history of the Carian, and Lycian periods, dating back to many centuries ago. Many of these are still un-spoilt and crowd free, with very little human population, places that specialise in and thrive mainly because of tourism.

These beaches are easily accessible via gulet cruises and private yacht charters that are arranged during the peak tourism season along the Turkish Riviera.

Butterfly Valley is one such spot located amid two gigantic cliffs on two sides, rounded up on the third side by pristine waters. Camping is allowed in the valley but there is no electricity or roads, adding to its serene charm. Gulet cruises are available from Fethiye and Olympos. As the name suggests, it is known for its vast varieties of butterflies in the region, adding to the rich flora and fauna.

Butterfly Valley, one of the best beaches in Turkey
Butterfly Valley, one of the best beaches in Turkey

Then there is Marmaris, surrounded by pine forests and a view of two sets of mountains. Add to it the plus point of a history that dates back to the 4th century, with influences of Persian, Roman, Ottoman eras, and a thriving night life. Closely situated is the Daylan area near Iztuzu Beach, where turtles lay eggs and jasmine gardens are abundantly situated.

Oludeniz beach is simply breathtaking, with a long sandy and pebble beach opening to a blue lagoon at the base of the Taurus Mountains. No doubt people want to have a bird’s eye view from atop, by paragliding over this famously photographed spot. Its beauty can simply not be put in words; but for those who want to experience it, gulet cruises are available as well as road access or a beautiful walk from Kaka Koy.

Antalya is yet another tourist destination along the Mediterranean, a highly visited spot for those who want to immerse in culture, history and beauty all at once. Its history has moulded the area in Hellenistic, Byzantine, Roman and Selcuk colours, and given it such quaint locations as the Kaleiçi area with Ottoman era houses, Hadrian’s Gate constructed in the 2nd century by Romans, Iskele Mosque and the Clock Tower. The population is also varied and ranges from Greeks, Muslims, Jews and Christians who give this place a diverse cultural ambience.
Another popular beach is in Bodrum on the Turquoise Coast; in the Aegean Sea with its many resorts, the home town of Greek historian Herodotus, and the place housing one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the mausoleum of Mausolus. It is esteemed for its many luxurious hotels, cafes and boutiques, where the rich come and enjoy the natural beauty coupled with manmade opulence and charm to relax and refresh.

Other beaches include Patara, Kabak, Pamucak, Kleopatra and the Black Sea coastline to name a few. This list does not cover them all. No need to say, there are so many choices as to befuddle a traveller, and all these are made easily accessible thanks to gulet cruises and private yacht charters for tourists. When the options are so inviting and hassle free, and the marvels to visit so great, one should simply not miss the chance. So gear up for the next visit; let the next destination be Turkey, at the beach of your choice, and let it be sooner rather than later.