Best gulets in Fethiye

Your holidays in Turkey can be made even more exciting and enthralling when you add a private charter into your itinerary. Private charters take you along the various islands in the Mediterranean Sea and offer you breathtaking natural beauty and a splendid atmosphere.  And to complete this experience, groups will need to choose a gulet. But how do you decide on which gulet to take, and how do you know which gulet is the best one for your party. For this post, we have made a list below of the best gulets in Fethiye.

Standard gulet – Alaturka 1 gulet
Alaturka 1 is a favourite among travellers, as it is great value for money! Though Alaturka 1 is a standard gulet, it has been totally renovated in the winter of 2013 and now features all the modern features of a mid-range gulet. This gulet can house a total of 16 passengers across its 7 cabins. It boasts 2 double, 2 twin, 2 triple and 1 quad cabin. All cabins have private ensuite bathrooms and storage space. A large lounge and sun beds compliments the large front deck, and snorkels and masks are provided for guests.

Mid Range gulet – Alaturka 81
Alaturka 81 is one of the finest gulets in the fleet. Featuring 8 large cabins, this boat is perfect for large groups as it features 6 triple cabins and 2 double cabins. The gulet is equipped with a spacious saloon and separate kitchen and crew cabin. This gulet is extremely unique, as it features two large sun decks,  two alfresco dining areas and a large outdoor bar. Guests have plenty of space to move around the boat and will feel completely at ease with the experienced crew.

Luxury gulet – Albatros A
Built in 2011, this brand new gulet is a luxurious haven perfect for a holiday at sea. Each of the four cabins are immaculately decorated with private ensuites and lots of natural light. A large dining table, sunbeds and shaded lounges complete the large exterior decks. The indoor saloon is equipped with air conditioning, entertainment system and satellite TV.

Deluxe gulet – Alessandro
This gulet is a prime example of a luxury gulet in Fethiye. Not only the best gulet in Fethiye but also one of the largest in the harbour, at 40 meters. This gulet can house 10 guests across five deluxe cabins. They all feature TVs, air conditioning, private ensuites and mini bar. And to top it off, the large sundeck features comfortable sunbeds, as well as a jacuzzi!

The luxurious Alessandro gulet
The luxurious Alessandro gulet

For those looking for a unique and unperturbed holiday in complete seclusion, gulet tours and private charters from Fethiye are ideal options. Fethiye is home to hundreds of gulets and travellers will have loads of choices, whether they need glamorous gulets or simple and straightforward ones. If one of the above gulets is not available get in touch and Alaturka will be happy to source a similar gulet for similar rates.

Furthermore, on the best gulets in Turkey and any of the Alaturka fleet in fact, guests can either take a pre-planned itinerary or we can tailor one to suit your desires. From scenic locales to exotic bays, from haughty cuisines to beautiful cultures, Alaturka can create an itinerary that revolves around your likes and interests. Any destination or cruise can be completely customised to suit your preferences as well as budgets.

A trip in one of the gulets allows you to explore Southern Turkey and the Turquoise Coast like no other. You can choose from various types of gulets and can also enjoy access to motor boats, yachts, catamarans and other sailing vessels as well. Irrespective of what your sailing dreams are, you can always expect them to come true in Fethiye.

It is important to note that the best gulets in Fethiye book in advance throughout the season, so it is important to send your enquiry in quick so we can hold the yacht or gulet until you make you booking.

Turkish Gulets Offer You the Best Turkey Travelling Experience

Turkish Gulets refer to traditional Turkish broad-beamed wooden handcrafted motor sailing vessels with 1 or 2 masts, a raised bow, and flat stern. These gulets were formerly made and used by sponge divers and fishermen to transport their catch. But these days, Turkish Gulets are used luxuriously particularly for yachting holidays.

Most Turkish Gulets have 4-8 double or triple cabins and can accommodate 8-20 passengers, therefore, ideal for enjoying vacations with friends and family. But there are many different sizes and designs of gullets that have different features and capacities. Normally, a gulet is well equipped and nicely decorated to deliver its passengers the most pleasing experience. To avail utmost comfort for the passengers, nowadays, most gulets contain an indoor lounge, sundeck and ensuite bathrooms. Anyone without any sailing experience can hire a gulet and enjoy a vacation with his or her family and friends because these gulets have professional captains and chefs to look after the passengers.

A quick look into a gulet cabin
A quick look into a gulet cabin

Every cabin of Turkish Gulets has a double berth or single upper and double lower bunk-berths, a wardrobe for hanging clothes, an ensuite bathroom with modern toilet facilities and a pull-out shower hose fixed with the basin. Interior features of Turkish Gulets include indoor dining area, a bar, a saloon, and a completely outfitted gallery.  The back deck includes a fully covered lounging and dining area and the forward deck has different types of sun beds which can be shaded by a canopy when the gulet is not sailing.

Normally, electricity in Turkish Gulets runs at 12 V/24 V.  You can bring your portable PCs, phone or camera chargers, electric or battery-operated shavers etc.  Other electrical appliances can be connected normally while the gulets are tied to the harbour or land.

Gulets are especially perfect for yachting holidays because of broad beams that give passengers enough deck space and ample amount of rooms for spacious cabins under the decks.

Turkish Gulets can be of different sizes, from small 50 foot (15 meter) long craft with all the required equipments to luxuries, large 108-foot (33 meter) air-conditioned ones with utmost modern amenities.
The other things that may be included in the facilities of a gulet are fishing lines, board games, CD player, a fridge/freezer to keep drinks and food cold and snorkels & masks. One of the most pleasing experiences can be fishing your own dinner and getting that cooked by the chefs.

Hire a gulet today and enjoy your best Turkish vacation with your friends and family!