Enjoy One Week Fethiye to Greek Islands Cruise

Travel the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea on the Fethiye to Greek islands cruise and bring home memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. One week of cruising and you will be exposed to the islands in the Dodecanese Greek Island chain that include Rhodes and Symi.
You and your family will surely enjoy the best of both worlds exploring large ports, marinas and secluded bays. The Fethiye to Greek islands cruise also lets you see and enjoy some of the most popular destinations like Serce Bay, Ekincik, Dalyan and Gocek Bay.
Serce Bay
Serce Bay is known for one of the world’s oldest discovered shipwrecks. Some of the treasures found and recovered from that Byzantine shipwreck can now be seen in Bodrum Underwater Museum. Some of the activities you can do here include; swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling.
Ekincik Harbour
The Ekincik harbor is situated in the western entry point of the Ekincik inlet and it is beautifully covered with pine forests. This location is a very popular stop over for Fethiye to Greek islands cruise because it is safe and pleasant to anchor here. One of the things you can do here is to visit the ancient tombs by the cliffs.
Dalyan was once a sleepy farming Turkish town that is now increasingly becoming popular to tourists. The good thing about this town is that it has successfully managed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere despite the fact that it can be really crowded in the summer season. This bay’s main attraction is the magnificent display of flora and fauna, making it one of Turkey’s most beautiful natural sites. With five thousand years of history, golden beaches and splendid landscapes, Dalyan Bay is indeed a must-see destination for your Fethiye to Greek islands cruise holiday.


The small charming town of Dalyan
The small charming town of Dalyan

Gocek Bay offers its visitors with twelve offshore islands that provide the best locations for swimming and sunbathing. That is why this great location is always included in the Fethiye to Greek islands cruise itineraries. Once you have anchored on this bay, there are a lot of things that you can do and enjoy such as; visiting the Lycian tombs, enjoying the crystal clear water of Kapi Creek, or climbing the top of the hills.
With these destinations on your list for your Fethiye to Greek islands cruise, you will surely have the best one week holiday ever.

Experience a Memorable Holiday with a Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise

A Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise is an eight-day tour that takes visitors to the islands of Bodrum, Kos, Santorini, Ios, Paros, Naxos and Mykonos in eight memory-filled days.

Bodrum, Turkey
Day one of the Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise takes you to Bodrum and on board the boat the captain and the crew meet the guests. The tour leader will be introducing himself too and you and the rest of the blue Cruise travelers will have the whole night to enjoy Bodrum’s night life.

Kos Island
Second day of your Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise will start off with Greek islands hopping and as soon as customs formalities have been done, the cruise will start and the first stop is in Kos Island, where a quick swim in the Lambi beach can be enjoyed. The cruise will have dinner at Kos Harbor and will stay overnight here.

Amorgos or Levita
Day three will take you to either Amorgos or Levita, depending on what the weather conditions will permit. Many prefer Amorgos because of its enticing long beaches, picturesque white houses and the peaceful atmosphere.

As soon as the sun is up, the cruise resumes and the next stop is going to take guests to Santorini, where they will be given the chance to witness and get mesmerised with the best sunsets in the world.

The goregous island of Santorini
The goregous island of Santorini

Ios to Paros to Naxos
The fifth day of your Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise is going to be a stop in Ios. On the way to Ios, there could be a stop at a good swimming spot, and then the night will be spent in the island. From Ios, the next stop is Naxos, but another swimming break can be taken in Paros first. In Naxos, the guests will be taken to a walk around the beautiful island and they will have more time for swimming and exploring the town.

After an overnight stay in Naxos, the time has come to cruise to the last island stop, Mykonos. It is indeed a great final destination as Mykonos is one of those Greek islands that attract a lot of visitors from all over the world. Guests will have the chance to really explore this beautiful island as the cruise will be staying the whole day of the seventh day and the whole night as well. After breakfast, the guests will surely have some wonderful memories to cherish after disembarking from the boat.

The Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise includes; breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cookies, coffee, harbour taxes, charter taxes, yacht insurance (individual travel insurance not included), and mooring fees and other expenses in foreign waters.

See the full itinerary and prices at the Bodrum to Mykonos blue cruise page.

Enjoy a Four Day and Three Night Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise

One of the best options when it comes to turkey holidays is to take gulet cruises, and under that option is the Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise. To best enjoy a good vacation it is recommended to take the four-day cruise.


Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise Day One
Day one of the cruise starts in Olympos where you and your companions will be picked up from your accommodation (usually in the famous tree houses) in the mid-morning.  The boat will depart from Demre harbour after lunch. Some stops will include Pirate cave (if the sea conditions permit), Simena (Turkish traditional fishing village), Ottoman castle (Byzantine), Kekova’s Sunken City, and Gokkaya Bay where you can indulge in water sports and then party all night at Smugglers Inn.


Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise Day Two
Day two of the cruise is the departure going to Kas after breakfast. Kas is a small fishing town and was popularly known for the Lycian rock tombs and the Romanian theater of the ancient Antiphellos. This unspoilt Turkish town is a great stop for swimming and sightseeing. Dinner and the second overnight stay will be at either Firnaz bay or Aquarium Bay.


Olympos to Fethitye Gulet Cruise Day Three
As soon as the sun rises, the boat will depart for its third day journey going to Butterfly Valley for breakfast. Here guests can visit the natural reserve that houses 136 species of butterflies and moths. Next stop is at The Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz) for lunch. Here guests have the option to try paragliding before the gulet goes to the day’s last stop at St Nicholas Island, where swimming, sightseeing (Byzantine ruins) and dinner will happen before resting for the night.


A visit to Butterfly Valley on Day 3 of the cruise
A visit to Butterfly Valley on Day 3 of the cruise

Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise Day Four
The last day of the cruise will bring everyone to Fethiye Harbour after breakfast, a swim and lunch. By early afternoon, guests will have the chance to finally see and experience Fethiye, where one can truly enjoy the perfect harmony brought by the beautiful blue sea and the magnificent green forests.


With the destinations, activities and sites being offered by the sites and islands mentioned, it is guaranteed that an Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise is certainly one of the best options when it comes to Turkish traveling.

See the full Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise itinerary here

Blue Voyage Turkey – Exploring the Wonders of the Aegean Sea

Blue Voyage Turkey is a cruise along the Mediterranean shores or the Aegean Sea. This cruise is undertaken in yachts or local boats known as gulets. Gulets are sturdy motor sailboats that have a lot of space and have primarily been built for comfort of its passengers. The term Blue Voyage came about in the early 20th century, when author and painter Cevat Şakir Kabaağaç explored the Bodrum region and gave it this unique name. What makes a Blue Voyage Turkey tour so special is that it allows you an excellent way of exploring the mind boggling natural beauty on the tuquoise coast. The main charter ports for the voyage are Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye.


How to enjoy a Blue Voyage Turkey tour
There are three types of tours that are available to tourists – Cabin Charters, Private Charters and Day Cruises. Cabin Charters allow tourists to book a single cabin in the yacht. It is an ideal option for tourists who are looking to enjoy a cruise, but don’t have the necessary numbers to book an entire yacht. In fact, choosing a cabin charter can be an excellent way of making new friends and having a blast with strangers. A full private charter Blue Voyage Turkey tour is normally chosen by large groups or families who wish to hire the cruise for anything between a few days to one week. The group can vary between 4 – 18 people and the cost per person turns out to be extremely affordable. A day cruise allows tourists to board the yacht, cruise along the coastal regions, stop for island hopping tours, lunch and swimming and then return to the a small bay to moor for the night by early evening. A day cruise is an ideal option for travellers on a budget and travellers with time constraints. Guests will head out in the morning, see many of the regions highlights in a short burst of time, have lunch and return to the same port by late afternoon/early evening.

Blue Voyage Tours
Blue Voyage Tours


The best time to go for a cruise
The months of July to mid-September are considered to be the peak seasons in terms of a Blue Voyage Turkey tour. You can expect cruising to be the costliest at this time. The months of April and October generally feature a little bit of rain, but you could look forward to a day cruise, provided the weather permits you to do so. However, the best time to embark for a Blue Voyage Turkey tour is in the months of May and late September as the crowds are thinner and the cruises are cheaper. So, plan your Turkey tour based on all these factors mentioned above.

Fethiye to 12 Islands cruise

One of the best activities that you can do and experience on an island holiday is getting on a boat and go cruising through the different islands. If you are in the Mediterranean, and you truly want to have the best memorable vacation ever, an island tour package is probably your best option. Many tourists who visit Turkey book for the Fethiye to 12-Islands cruise, which is a boat trip that takes visitors around the Fethiye Bay. Usually, the boats head out and visit six different stops, all in just one day!

Booking for a Fethiye to 12 islands cruise will give you the chance to have a taste of a longer tour and still get to see all the beauty and treasures that the southern coast has on offer. This nation is simply beautiful and it boasts of rich culture and history, friendly people, delectable cuisine, mesmerising islands, magnificent beaches and clear blue waters.

Regular Fethiye to 12 islands Cruise

One of the most recommended daily Turkish boat tours is the 12 islands Boat Tours. The day will start with guests being picked up from the resorts they are staying and then there will be a short drive to the Fethiye harbour. Once all the customers are welcomed on board, our trained, courteous staff will get ready to depart from the harbour.

A regular 12-island cruise takes the guests to Yassicalar or Flat Island where they can swim. The next stop is Tersane Island where dipping in the magnificent turquoise waters is the main activity followed by visiting the island’s ruins. Lunch is usually taken at Aquarium or Akvaryum, where swimming and snorkelling can be enjoyed. Next dipping stop is the Paradise bay or the Cennet Kou. The tour is usually finished with a sunset view of Red Island.

If you want to truly enjoy a relaxing vacation where you can unwind and feel comfortable, the Fethiye to 12 islands cruise is the best option for you. This vacation choice allows you to relax as you lie down on the boat deck under the warm Mediterranean sun. You also get to listen to the serenity of the whistles of the wind and then get pampered with freshly cooked lunch on the deck.

Alaturka have two options for the 12 Islands cruise including travelling on a sailing gulet or going for the econimic version and travelling on a double deck boat.

For more information email us at info@alaturkayachting.com

Turtles along the 12 Island cruise
Turtles along the 12 Island cruise

Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise – a truly amazing cruise!

Fethiye, a small city and district of Mugla Province in the Aegean region of Turkey, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, like a magnet attracting more and more visitors each year. While discovering Turkey as a mix of old and new, take into account the possibility of booking a blue cruise from Fethiye to Olympos. Olympos was an ancient city in Lycia and today its ruins are located in the Kumluca district of Antalya Province, as well as being one of top must visit attractions in Olympos.

Olympos, probably dating from 167-168 B.C, is a popular place for visits, best known for its sandy beaches and forests. One of greatest ways to reach Olympos is a blue cruise leaving from Fethiye harbour around 10:00-11:00 am. The blue cruise is an unforgettable cruise for 4 days; each day you will be enjoying new experiences and attractions. During this amazing cruise you will:


  • Swim in the Butterfly Valley, the gorgeous valley, regarded as one of the most picturesque and amazing places in Turkey.
  • Visit Oludeniz, considered as one of Europe’s most stunning beaches and one of the best places in the world for paragliding. You will also visit Kas, a small Turkish town, known for its shopping. Activities such as fishing, diving, yachting make it an even more attractive holiday destination. The Sunken City of Simena, probably one of the most charming Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise stops, is a combination of ancient, medieval and modern history, making it incredibly charming and it an attractive destination. Today it is the location of the charming fishing village of Kaleköy, which hosts a well-preserved castle built on the site of ancient Lycian foundations.
  • Spend a night on St. Nicholas Island, also known as Gemiler Islands, boasting ancient ruins of a palace decorated with mosaics and the Byzantine ruins of several ancient churches, built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD.
  • “Taste” Kalkan (Aquarium Bay), featuring crystal clear waters and splendid mountains. Kalkan hasn’t been touched by mass tourism, leaving it upmarket and very charming to this day, with spectacular views at every turn.
  • Party down at Smuggler’s Inn. It‘s party time at one of the discos where you can dance under the stars, chat with other tourists or simply relax while tasting a glass of fresh juice or beer.

Our blue cruise from Fethiye to Olympos will bring you so far away from your daily life, responsibilities and thoughts – it will be just an experience you will never forget. Fethiye to Olympos 4-day blue cruise has everything to offer curious visitors.


Let’s take a blue cruise and visit some of the most charming Turkish sites and try some of the most exciting activities, such as swimming, paragliding, diving, snorkelling, and others. For a more authentic take on Turkey and its beautiful landscape, the blue cruise is a perfect choice to get to know more about Turkey, its small fishing villages, boasting rich and long history.

All you need to do now is to wave goodbye to grey skies and rainy days and cruise away to sandy beaches with warm crystal clear water, where you will discover the beauty of Turkey landscape and its small islands.

For the full itinerary see the Fethiye to Olympos blue cruise page


Jumping off the gulet
Jumping off the gulet

Gulet cruises in Turkey – An experience to last a lifetime

Those searching for an enthralling way of experiencing Turkey would be pleased to know that Gulet cruises in Turkey rank among the very best sailing tours in the world. Each of these tours allows tourists to explore the various ancient islands and archeological wonders as well as enjoy the breathtaking beauty offered by the gorgeous Turkish harbours. These sailing vessels known as gulets are unique and make sure that you make the fullest of your tour by exploring the various sights and sceneries that the tour has to offer.

A Wide Range of Gulet Cruises in Turkey to Choose From
Tourists are offered an excellent choice when it comes to these gulets. Each sailing vessel has been superbly handcrafted in teak, mahogany and pine and offers travellers with the very best in terms of quality and comfort, technology and service. A typical gulet normally holds up to a total of 12-16 passengers with most offering double or twin cabin options.  The word gulet has been derived from the French word ‘goulette’ that refers to a schooner. These Turkish gulets are normally made from local pine and have a sharp bow, rounded aft and broad beams. Service is something that sets gulets apart as all Gulet cruises in Turkey offer some of the very best captains and finest chefs of the country. What makes a gulet cruise even more special is that each mealtime is greeted with a new panorama that varies from picturesque fishing villages to exotic coves.

Gulet Cruises in Turkey Offer the Best Way of Exploring the Country
Those choosing to explore the sights and surroundings of Turkey in these gulet cruises are practically guaranteed with unending swimming opportunities, romantic sunsets, majestic sunrise views, mouthwatering dishes and world class service. Local wines and a range of international spirits have also been stocked for those long nights of fun and frolic. Apart from the on-board activities, tourists can also enjoy a range of offshore and onshore activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, sightseeing and exploring the various ancient archaeological wonders.

Gulet Cruises in Turkey Places to Visit
Most gulet cruises sail around the old world coasts of Lycia, Ionia and Caria. Tourists are offered with some of the most fascinating historical sites such as Aspendos (one of the oldest theatres in the world), Knidos (famous for its old world temples and terraces), Kaunos (a majestic rock-cut temple of tombs) and Ephesus (famous for its stunning theatre and library). What makes gulet cruises in Turkey so special is that they manage to perfectly combine the country’s history to its breathtaking natural beauty in order to offer passengers a perfect combination of a sea based and a land based adventure.

The exceptional site of the Ancient City of Kaunos
The exceptional site of the Ancient City of Kaunos

Is a blue cruise in Turkey for me?

We have to be totally honest; Blue Cruises in Turkey are not going to be for everyone. We could write a novel on great things about blue cruises in Turkey but at the end of the day, it’s your holiday. We want you to have realistic expectations and know what you are getting into.  Consequently, we have put together a list of factors you should consider before jumping on a blue cruise in Turkey.

  • Every day we cruise to different bays, beaches and small villages. All activities are optional and guests can choose to stay on the gulet. However it is important to note that you may be travelling with either more active guests partaking in lots of activities or may be the complete opposite


  • Travel without having to move anywhere. Your room, luggage and entire hotel travels with you. If you like to change rooms every few days, then this type of accommodation is not for you. Once your cabin has been allocated to you, this is the room you will stay in for the rest of your journey with us.


  • Cabins on gulets are smaller than hotel rooms. Not that you will be spending much time in there!


  • Swimming day and night is a big part of blue cruises in Turkey. If you do not know how to swim this may not be the best type of accommodation for you. However our crew have lifejackets and tubes to help you float if you wish to see the turquoise coast by boat.


  • Turkish food, on the gulets especially, is delicious. Self-service on blue cruises is not available and we highly recommend to let go of any reservations you may have about eating different kinds of food. We cater for all dietary requirements but if you do not like vegetables and salads that are served at every meal then we suggest you starting to eat them.
Guests waiting to feast on delicious Turkish food served on the gulet
Guests waiting to feast on delicious Turkish food served on the gulet


  • We promote a laid back, relaxing lifestyle on our blue cruises in Turkey. There is plenty of time to sit back, enjoy a good book and take everything in your stride. If you are more comfortable with energetic, active and non-stop hustle and bustle for your vacation, you would be more suited to a large cruise rather than a gulet cruise in Turkey.


  • Are you travelling with as a family with young children? If you have children under 3 years old you definitely can still join a blue cruise in Turkey however we do not recommend it. Unlike big cruise ships gulets do not have fully enclosed side rails making it very easy for children to gain access to the sea. For children over 3 years of age, we find that they have the time of their lives!


  • More often than not, blue cruises in Turkey offer great value and very competitive rates. It may actually work out cheaper for you and your party to travel on a gulet cruise than stay in a hotel. Plus all your meals are included!


These are just some of the things to factor into your decision to join a blue cruise in Turkey. You may also think about the time of year you are travelling, how much time you have in Turkey and what the rest of your travel group likes doing on their vacations.  In our experience there really are not many people that do not like blue cruises in Turkey, come along and give it a try!

Olympos to Fethiye Blue Cruise

Turkey is famed for its blue cruises along the Mediterranean that takes one to famous vacation spots like islands, harbours, and even cities long gone.  The location of Turkey ensures its unique history and diverse culture, a meeting point between the East and the West, and one of the ways to explore this culture is to go aboard gulet cruises or charter private yachts and go sightseeing on the cerulean blue waters.

To many, neither gulet cruises nor Olympos and Fethiye are strange words to the ear. But for those who don’t know, Olympos was an ancient city of the Antalya province, founded during the Hellenistic period. Its ruins can be seen in the Kumluca district. And the great news is, Alaturka offers a four day blue cruise from Olympos to Fethiye, where one can ‘see’ the past amid the ruins of these majestic cities. On the first day there is an opportunity for snorkeling in the Pirates Cave, and view the greenery and fish population found in the Mediterranean.

Along the way, the gulet cruise stops at the sunken city of Kekova, a World Heritage site, and at Simena, where one can climb a castle and view the dazzling view of the underwater Lycian ruins, including the Roman Theater and a Lycian sarcophagus. After a stay at the Gokkaya bay the blue cruise heads off to Kas, a quaint town with opportunities for shopping. Afterwards, there is a one night stay at the Aquarium bay.  The next day is a trip to the Butterfly Valley which gets its name from the diverse species of butterflies found in that region, and then for the more daring ones, there is an opportunity to go paragliding over Oludeniz and soak up the wonders of this magical land from atop (if the weather permits). There is a stay at St. Nicholas Island from where the gulet cruise finally takes off to the final destination the next day, namely, Fethiye, but not before everyone on board has had the opportunity to swim at the Samanlik Bay amongst its thriving marine population.

Fethiye itself is the point where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea. It is a well known place amongst the tourists, recognised for the views, the weather, and the hospitable people. Breakfast, lunch and dinners are included in the overall fares, and even the overnight stays are filled with an opportunity to either stroll around the ancient ruins (at St. Nicholas Island) or meet up with the people of different nationalities who arrived at these locations with the spirit of adventure in their hearts.

Even more good news is, Alaturka offers an Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise that takes you through all these sites at the minimal cost of €185 and above, depending on the season. To those who want to gather up family and friends, private yacht charters are also available, depending upon the choice of the gulet. Alaturka also offer great specials throughout the season so be sure to ask for the latest discounts when booking!

And when the time is right and the holiday season is in full swing, one shouldn’t let go of the opportunity to explore these areas, rich not only for their beauty but also for history, not man-made charms but delights of nature. Don’t forget to visit Turkey this year!

Pirate Cave along the Olympos to Fethiye blue cruise route
Pirate Cave along the Olympos to Fethiye blue cruise route