Blue Voyage Turkey – Exploring the Wonders of the Aegean Sea

Blue Voyage Turkey is a cruise along the Mediterranean shores or the Aegean Sea. This cruise is undertaken in yachts or local boats known as gulets. Gulets are sturdy motor sailboats that have a lot of space and have primarily been built for comfort of its passengers. The term Blue Voyage came about in the early 20th century, when author and painter Cevat Şakir Kabaağaç explored the Bodrum region and gave it this unique name. What makes a Blue Voyage Turkey tour so special is that it allows you an excellent way of exploring the mind boggling natural beauty on the tuquoise coast. The main charter ports for the voyage are Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye.


How to enjoy a Blue Voyage Turkey tour
There are three types of tours that are available to tourists – Cabin Charters, Private Charters and Day Cruises. Cabin Charters allow tourists to book a single cabin in the yacht. It is an ideal option for tourists who are looking to enjoy a cruise, but don’t have the necessary numbers to book an entire yacht. In fact, choosing a cabin charter can be an excellent way of making new friends and having a blast with strangers. A full private charter Blue Voyage Turkey tour is normally chosen by large groups or families who wish to hire the cruise for anything between a few days to one week. The group can vary between 4 – 18 people and the cost per person turns out to be extremely affordable. A day cruise allows tourists to board the yacht, cruise along the coastal regions, stop for island hopping tours, lunch and swimming and then return to the a small bay to moor for the night by early evening. A day cruise is an ideal option for travellers on a budget and travellers with time constraints. Guests will head out in the morning, see many of the regions highlights in a short burst of time, have lunch and return to the same port by late afternoon/early evening.

Blue Voyage Tours
Blue Voyage Tours


The best time to go for a cruise
The months of July to mid-September are considered to be the peak seasons in terms of a Blue Voyage Turkey tour. You can expect cruising to be the costliest at this time. The months of April and October generally feature a little bit of rain, but you could look forward to a day cruise, provided the weather permits you to do so. However, the best time to embark for a Blue Voyage Turkey tour is in the months of May and late September as the crowds are thinner and the cruises are cheaper. So, plan your Turkey tour based on all these factors mentioned above.

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