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Bodrum is a district and a port city located in the Southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is very popular sailing holiday destination among locals and tourists alike, having one of the largest outdoor nightclubs in the world, with a capacity of 5000 people. Tracing its roots from the 7th century BC, when it was colonised by Dorian Greeks, Bodrum has been a quiet fishermen‘s village and divers sponge until the mid-20th century, when it was developed and rediscovered as an ideally location for sailing tourism and recreation. In ancient times Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus of Caria, and was famous for boasting one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Mausoleum of Mausolus which dates from the 15th century.

Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate; in winter the average temperature is 15 °C and in the summer – 34 °C. The diverse climate is the main reason of such a large diversity of plants and animals.

Bodrum, named “Saint Tropez of Turkey” by NY Times magazine, is home to a number of various attractions appealing to various tastes. The main highlights of Bodrum among others include the Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, Port Bodrum Yalikavak, Bardakci Cove, Zeki Muren Arts Museum.

Bodrum invites tourists to take a stroll through the palm-lined streets and admire the white-coloured small houses.

Bodrum Yacht Charter
Yacht charter, one of a number of ways to discover a picturesque Turkey and the Mediterranean with its honey-coloured beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, as well as charming villages and towns, is a top must-try attraction for those who are ardent for cruising.

Bodrum Yacht Charter, one of the most involving, amazing and unforgettable cruises, invites dear travellers to reveal the secrets of Turkey’s unspoiled islands, charming small villages and its imposing landscape with one of numerous yacht charters.

Yacht Charter cruises sailing along the Turquoise waters, boasting one of the most beautiful Turkey’s villages and islands, including Byzantine village, Cokertme Bay, Cleopatra Island, Longoz Bay, Karacasogut, Tuzla Bay and Kargili, will take you away from the hustle and bustle and jumble up your imagination with eye-catching views at every turn.

A charter allows curious travellers to discover the sandy and pebble beaches, ancient forts and romantic ruins, small fishing villages, and picturesque towns lying close off the coast. It also offers to taste a freshly landed fish, served by local intimate restaurants.

There’s so much more to enjoy aboard the sailing yacht charter. Bodrum yacht charter cruise stops for short and long breaks. A glass of wine and dinner under the clear skies are also offered. You are also free of charge to admire the shining stars, charming views from a yacht, and to feel the breeze of sea and the heat of sun.
Bodrum is a popular yachting holiday destination and a yacht charter from Bodrum is perfect for people with different tastes: from couples to big families dreaming of escaping the hustle in quiet and unspoilt coves, beaches and bays.

Yacht holidays from Bodrum and around unveil the beauty of beaches, fishing villages, vibrant towns, and nature. Book your yacht charter from Bodrum and enjoy this truly amazing yachting cruise.

Bodrum Harbour
Bodrum Harbour

Sailing Turkey: Yacht Charter holidays

Turkey, the cradle of cultures and civilisations, today is more and more widely regarded as one of the most popular and one of the leading sailing destinations in the world – much more than its clichéd image of a “bridge between East and West”. Turkey is at the crossroads of culture, history and religion, making it a sought-after holiday destination in the world.
With more than 4,000 miles of coastline, beautiful landscape, honey-coloured sand beaches, and crystal clear turquoise waters, Turkey has long ago become a sailor’s paradise, and a number of voyagers are still discovering its beauty. The popularity of Turkey as a yachting destination is still steadily increasing each year, attracting more and more sailors to come and discover its beauty.
Its peninsula is surrounded on three sides by water, and its central plateau is framed by chains of rugged Mount Ararat. These features are truly eye-catching and they will never let you get bored.
Turkey’s climate is also very diverse. It determines the variety of flora and fauna in Turkey that is among one of the richest to be found in Europe and the Middle East.
Sailing holidays in Turkey are some of the best in the world, during which you will experience breeze winds and blue waters with eye-catching landscape, sandy beaches, fishing villages, ancient sites, and much more.
Yachting along the large Turkey peninsula gives travellers an opportunity to explore the ancient ruins, historic tombs, sacred sites, picturesque villages and towns lined with palm trees.
Yacht charters in Turkey offers to see and taste some traditional dishes in one of the numerous small and intimate restaurants along the coast. The cuisine of Turkey is somewhat a combination of Asia and Europe, serving traditional shish kebabs and raki, and a wide selection of fresh vegetables and tasty wines.
Turkey is a picturesque yacht charter destination, having more coastline than any other country in the Mediterranean. Turkey, the birthplace of now expired civilisations and cultures, that have left their traces in its culture, history and religion, has become one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world and is one of the most sought-after yachting holiday areas in the Eastern Mediterranean.
A well planned Turkey yacht charter holiday guarantees that you will escape from the bustle and hustle of everyday life and get immersed in this bewitching natural environment the Mediterranean has to offer. Exploring the stretch of beautiful coastline by sailing through the crystal clear water aboard a Turkish yacht charter, will leave you feeling rapturous. Its clear blue waters are ideal for swimming, water related sports and are among the best places in the world to paraglide over.
Yacht charter in Turkey will take you within turquoise waters and sheltered bays that once have been touched by the ancient civilisations such as Carians, Lycians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines.
There is so much to do and to try in Turkey‘s coastline; it undoubtedly makes Turkey a desirable yacht charter destination. Such increasing popularity of Turkey as a yachting destination lies as much in the excellent Mediterranean climate and its beautiful nature as it does with the undeniable beauty of its coastline.

Best gulets in Fethiye

Your holidays in Turkey can be made even more exciting and enthralling when you add a private charter into your itinerary. Private charters take you along the various islands in the Mediterranean Sea and offer you breathtaking natural beauty and a splendid atmosphere.  And to complete this experience, groups will need to choose a gulet. But how do you decide on which gulet to take, and how do you know which gulet is the best one for your party. For this post, we have made a list below of the best gulets in Fethiye.

Standard gulet – Alaturka 1 gulet
Alaturka 1 is a favourite among travellers, as it is great value for money! Though Alaturka 1 is a standard gulet, it has been totally renovated in the winter of 2013 and now features all the modern features of a mid-range gulet. This gulet can house a total of 16 passengers across its 7 cabins. It boasts 2 double, 2 twin, 2 triple and 1 quad cabin. All cabins have private ensuite bathrooms and storage space. A large lounge and sun beds compliments the large front deck, and snorkels and masks are provided for guests.

Mid Range gulet – Alaturka 81
Alaturka 81 is one of the finest gulets in the fleet. Featuring 8 large cabins, this boat is perfect for large groups as it features 6 triple cabins and 2 double cabins. The gulet is equipped with a spacious saloon and separate kitchen and crew cabin. This gulet is extremely unique, as it features two large sun decks,  two alfresco dining areas and a large outdoor bar. Guests have plenty of space to move around the boat and will feel completely at ease with the experienced crew.

Luxury gulet – Albatros A
Built in 2011, this brand new gulet is a luxurious haven perfect for a holiday at sea. Each of the four cabins are immaculately decorated with private ensuites and lots of natural light. A large dining table, sunbeds and shaded lounges complete the large exterior decks. The indoor saloon is equipped with air conditioning, entertainment system and satellite TV.

Deluxe gulet – Alessandro
This gulet is a prime example of a luxury gulet in Fethiye. Not only the best gulet in Fethiye but also one of the largest in the harbour, at 40 meters. This gulet can house 10 guests across five deluxe cabins. They all feature TVs, air conditioning, private ensuites and mini bar. And to top it off, the large sundeck features comfortable sunbeds, as well as a jacuzzi!

The luxurious Alessandro gulet
The luxurious Alessandro gulet

For those looking for a unique and unperturbed holiday in complete seclusion, gulet tours and private charters from Fethiye are ideal options. Fethiye is home to hundreds of gulets and travellers will have loads of choices, whether they need glamorous gulets or simple and straightforward ones. If one of the above gulets is not available get in touch and Alaturka will be happy to source a similar gulet for similar rates.

Furthermore, on the best gulets in Turkey and any of the Alaturka fleet in fact, guests can either take a pre-planned itinerary or we can tailor one to suit your desires. From scenic locales to exotic bays, from haughty cuisines to beautiful cultures, Alaturka can create an itinerary that revolves around your likes and interests. Any destination or cruise can be completely customised to suit your preferences as well as budgets.

A trip in one of the gulets allows you to explore Southern Turkey and the Turquoise Coast like no other. You can choose from various types of gulets and can also enjoy access to motor boats, yachts, catamarans and other sailing vessels as well. Irrespective of what your sailing dreams are, you can always expect them to come true in Fethiye.

It is important to note that the best gulets in Fethiye book in advance throughout the season, so it is important to send your enquiry in quick so we can hold the yacht or gulet until you make you booking.

Fethiye to 12 Islands cruise

One of the best activities that you can do and experience on an island holiday is getting on a boat and go cruising through the different islands. If you are in the Mediterranean, and you truly want to have the best memorable vacation ever, an island tour package is probably your best option. Many tourists who visit Turkey book for the Fethiye to 12-Islands cruise, which is a boat trip that takes visitors around the Fethiye Bay. Usually, the boats head out and visit six different stops, all in just one day!

Booking for a Fethiye to 12 islands cruise will give you the chance to have a taste of a longer tour and still get to see all the beauty and treasures that the southern coast has on offer. This nation is simply beautiful and it boasts of rich culture and history, friendly people, delectable cuisine, mesmerising islands, magnificent beaches and clear blue waters.

Regular Fethiye to 12 islands Cruise

One of the most recommended daily Turkish boat tours is the 12 islands Boat Tours. The day will start with guests being picked up from the resorts they are staying and then there will be a short drive to the Fethiye harbour. Once all the customers are welcomed on board, our trained, courteous staff will get ready to depart from the harbour.

A regular 12-island cruise takes the guests to Yassicalar or Flat Island where they can swim. The next stop is Tersane Island where dipping in the magnificent turquoise waters is the main activity followed by visiting the island’s ruins. Lunch is usually taken at Aquarium or Akvaryum, where swimming and snorkelling can be enjoyed. Next dipping stop is the Paradise bay or the Cennet Kou. The tour is usually finished with a sunset view of Red Island.

If you want to truly enjoy a relaxing vacation where you can unwind and feel comfortable, the Fethiye to 12 islands cruise is the best option for you. This vacation choice allows you to relax as you lie down on the boat deck under the warm Mediterranean sun. You also get to listen to the serenity of the whistles of the wind and then get pampered with freshly cooked lunch on the deck.

Alaturka have two options for the 12 Islands cruise including travelling on a sailing gulet or going for the econimic version and travelling on a double deck boat.

For more information email us at info@alaturkayachting.com

Turtles along the 12 Island cruise
Turtles along the 12 Island cruise