Yacht Charter Gocek

Yacht charter Gocek is a good option if you want to truly enjoy your Turkish holiday. This traveling option allows tourists to have the best times in exploring the mountainous pine-forested Turkish shores, the ancient ruins and the peaceful anchorages adorning the Turquoise Coast. The best thing about this is that you get to enjoy and relax at your own pace.
Gocek offers secluded bays and coves where you can do fun activities like swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. The glorious beaches are just there waiting for you and your companions to laze upon. The charming harbours offer great stops for the night, charismatic Turkish hospitality, as well as good restaurants to dine.
Yacht Charter Gocek Inclusion
When you book for a Yacht Charter Gocek adventure you can expect to sail the famous Lycian Coast. There will be short stops at the passages between the anchorages which will give you ample time for chilling out or exploring.
Yacht Charter Gocek also makes sure that you and your companions have the needed gear and equipment at your disposal. This means that your utmost comfort and leisure are guaranteed on board.
Highlights of Yacht Charter Gocek
There are many places and things that you can enjoy on your charter adventure to Gocek that will give you good memories to bring home to.
Originally a small charming farming village, Gocek is a now a location that offers a great starting point to a Turkish sailing vacation. It actually has become a trendy gathering location for vacationers and charterers because if offers an excellent array of cafes, restaurants and shopping places.
This lively town is a preferred watering-hole of wealthy tourists, but it is also popular for the middle-class travellers. This charming holiday resort is home to about four thousand hospitable residents and is known for its friendly and warm atmosphere. This yachting destination is a good place to go if you want to explore, discover and enjoy an elegant fusion of remarkable cultural treasures and charming natural settings.
Your Gocek adventure should include a journey to Turkey’s rich history by exploring the archeological relics and structures from the Lycian civilization, visiting the tourist centre that offers boutiques, shops and bazaars, and dining in the fine restaurants and food venues that serve delicious local dishes and international cuisine. With the Yacht Charter Gocek, you can be assured that you will not just have the best Turkish holiday, but also a very comfortable, relaxing and refreshing one.

Yacht Charters in Gocek
Yacht Charters in Gocek

Why Choose Private Cruises from Antalya

Travelling to Turkey is not complete if you are not going for a cruise, and private cruises from Antalya are some of the best choices. Antalya is a popular city in Turkey and it offers rich culture and magnificent beaches that would surely entice travellers of all ages.
Reasons to Opt for Private Cruises from Antalya
There are several reasons why private cruises from Antalya are becoming popular. One reason is that it offers the benefit of chartering a boat for the length of time of your choice. You also have the privilege of setting your own itinerary, which will give you the chance to visit Turkish locations of your preference.
Private cruises from Antalya give you the chance to truly enjoy a holiday with your loved ones. There is no need to set your schedule based on packaged cruises. There is also no need to be friendly with other people as you will have the boat privately – just you and whoever you want to be with.
Another reason is that you will have the best service from the crew on board. You will be pampered like you have never experienced before. The highly experienced crew will take you to Turkey’s beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. With their skills and expertise you can be assured that your journey will be an extremely relaxed one. Sit back, relax and let the crew wait on your hand and foot.
You will be served like royalty with the best accommodation and dining options. There is simply no better holiday adventure than to be able to sail, swim, explore and be served as you relax with utmost comfort.
Private cruises from Antalya are also a good choice if you want to celebrate special occasions. If you want to do something a little different with your family and close friends, having your special occasion celebrated on board a yacht is definitely a unique way to do it.
One more reason, and probably the most practical one is the affordability of the whole adventure. You may think that private cruises are expensive, but that is just a common misconception. Chartering a boat privately is an affordable choice especially if you are going to travel with several people. By gathering the party members’ monetary shares, you will be able to get the best holiday ever, without having to share the accommodation and the services with people that you do not know.
There is certainly nothing that can beat having a private holiday on board a yacht, that is why private cruises from Antalya are considered by many as great Turkish holiday options.


Antalya Port
Antalya Port

Enjoy One Week Fethiye to Greek Islands Cruise

Travel the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea on the Fethiye to Greek islands cruise and bring home memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life. One week of cruising and you will be exposed to the islands in the Dodecanese Greek Island chain that include Rhodes and Symi.
You and your family will surely enjoy the best of both worlds exploring large ports, marinas and secluded bays. The Fethiye to Greek islands cruise also lets you see and enjoy some of the most popular destinations like Serce Bay, Ekincik, Dalyan and Gocek Bay.
Serce Bay
Serce Bay is known for one of the world’s oldest discovered shipwrecks. Some of the treasures found and recovered from that Byzantine shipwreck can now be seen in Bodrum Underwater Museum. Some of the activities you can do here include; swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling.
Ekincik Harbour
The Ekincik harbor is situated in the western entry point of the Ekincik inlet and it is beautifully covered with pine forests. This location is a very popular stop over for Fethiye to Greek islands cruise because it is safe and pleasant to anchor here. One of the things you can do here is to visit the ancient tombs by the cliffs.
Dalyan was once a sleepy farming Turkish town that is now increasingly becoming popular to tourists. The good thing about this town is that it has successfully managed to maintain a peaceful atmosphere despite the fact that it can be really crowded in the summer season. This bay’s main attraction is the magnificent display of flora and fauna, making it one of Turkey’s most beautiful natural sites. With five thousand years of history, golden beaches and splendid landscapes, Dalyan Bay is indeed a must-see destination for your Fethiye to Greek islands cruise holiday.


The small charming town of Dalyan
The small charming town of Dalyan

Gocek Bay offers its visitors with twelve offshore islands that provide the best locations for swimming and sunbathing. That is why this great location is always included in the Fethiye to Greek islands cruise itineraries. Once you have anchored on this bay, there are a lot of things that you can do and enjoy such as; visiting the Lycian tombs, enjoying the crystal clear water of Kapi Creek, or climbing the top of the hills.
With these destinations on your list for your Fethiye to Greek islands cruise, you will surely have the best one week holiday ever.

Experience a Memorable Holiday with a Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise

A Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise is an eight-day tour that takes visitors to the islands of Bodrum, Kos, Santorini, Ios, Paros, Naxos and Mykonos in eight memory-filled days.

Bodrum, Turkey
Day one of the Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise takes you to Bodrum and on board the boat the captain and the crew meet the guests. The tour leader will be introducing himself too and you and the rest of the blue Cruise travelers will have the whole night to enjoy Bodrum’s night life.

Kos Island
Second day of your Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise will start off with Greek islands hopping and as soon as customs formalities have been done, the cruise will start and the first stop is in Kos Island, where a quick swim in the Lambi beach can be enjoyed. The cruise will have dinner at Kos Harbor and will stay overnight here.

Amorgos or Levita
Day three will take you to either Amorgos or Levita, depending on what the weather conditions will permit. Many prefer Amorgos because of its enticing long beaches, picturesque white houses and the peaceful atmosphere.

As soon as the sun is up, the cruise resumes and the next stop is going to take guests to Santorini, where they will be given the chance to witness and get mesmerised with the best sunsets in the world.

The goregous island of Santorini
The goregous island of Santorini

Ios to Paros to Naxos
The fifth day of your Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise is going to be a stop in Ios. On the way to Ios, there could be a stop at a good swimming spot, and then the night will be spent in the island. From Ios, the next stop is Naxos, but another swimming break can be taken in Paros first. In Naxos, the guests will be taken to a walk around the beautiful island and they will have more time for swimming and exploring the town.

After an overnight stay in Naxos, the time has come to cruise to the last island stop, Mykonos. It is indeed a great final destination as Mykonos is one of those Greek islands that attract a lot of visitors from all over the world. Guests will have the chance to really explore this beautiful island as the cruise will be staying the whole day of the seventh day and the whole night as well. After breakfast, the guests will surely have some wonderful memories to cherish after disembarking from the boat.

The Bodrum to Mykonos Blue Cruise includes; breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cookies, coffee, harbour taxes, charter taxes, yacht insurance (individual travel insurance not included), and mooring fees and other expenses in foreign waters.

See the full itinerary and prices at the Bodrum to Mykonos blue cruise page.

Enjoy a Four Day and Three Night Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise

One of the best options when it comes to turkey holidays is to take gulet cruises, and under that option is the Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise. To best enjoy a good vacation it is recommended to take the four-day cruise.


Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise Day One
Day one of the cruise starts in Olympos where you and your companions will be picked up from your accommodation (usually in the famous tree houses) in the mid-morning.  The boat will depart from Demre harbour after lunch. Some stops will include Pirate cave (if the sea conditions permit), Simena (Turkish traditional fishing village), Ottoman castle (Byzantine), Kekova’s Sunken City, and Gokkaya Bay where you can indulge in water sports and then party all night at Smugglers Inn.


Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise Day Two
Day two of the cruise is the departure going to Kas after breakfast. Kas is a small fishing town and was popularly known for the Lycian rock tombs and the Romanian theater of the ancient Antiphellos. This unspoilt Turkish town is a great stop for swimming and sightseeing. Dinner and the second overnight stay will be at either Firnaz bay or Aquarium Bay.


Olympos to Fethitye Gulet Cruise Day Three
As soon as the sun rises, the boat will depart for its third day journey going to Butterfly Valley for breakfast. Here guests can visit the natural reserve that houses 136 species of butterflies and moths. Next stop is at The Blue Lagoon (Oludeniz) for lunch. Here guests have the option to try paragliding before the gulet goes to the day’s last stop at St Nicholas Island, where swimming, sightseeing (Byzantine ruins) and dinner will happen before resting for the night.


A visit to Butterfly Valley on Day 3 of the cruise
A visit to Butterfly Valley on Day 3 of the cruise

Olympos to Fethiye Gulet Cruise Day Four
The last day of the cruise will bring everyone to Fethiye Harbour after breakfast, a swim and lunch. By early afternoon, guests will have the chance to finally see and experience Fethiye, where one can truly enjoy the perfect harmony brought by the beautiful blue sea and the magnificent green forests.


With the destinations, activities and sites being offered by the sites and islands mentioned, it is guaranteed that an Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise is certainly one of the best options when it comes to Turkish traveling.

See the full Olympos to Fethiye gulet cruise itinerary here

Blue Voyage Turkey – Exploring the Wonders of the Aegean Sea

Blue Voyage Turkey is a cruise along the Mediterranean shores or the Aegean Sea. This cruise is undertaken in yachts or local boats known as gulets. Gulets are sturdy motor sailboats that have a lot of space and have primarily been built for comfort of its passengers. The term Blue Voyage came about in the early 20th century, when author and painter Cevat Şakir Kabaağaç explored the Bodrum region and gave it this unique name. What makes a Blue Voyage Turkey tour so special is that it allows you an excellent way of exploring the mind boggling natural beauty on the tuquoise coast. The main charter ports for the voyage are Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye.


How to enjoy a Blue Voyage Turkey tour
There are three types of tours that are available to tourists – Cabin Charters, Private Charters and Day Cruises. Cabin Charters allow tourists to book a single cabin in the yacht. It is an ideal option for tourists who are looking to enjoy a cruise, but don’t have the necessary numbers to book an entire yacht. In fact, choosing a cabin charter can be an excellent way of making new friends and having a blast with strangers. A full private charter Blue Voyage Turkey tour is normally chosen by large groups or families who wish to hire the cruise for anything between a few days to one week. The group can vary between 4 – 18 people and the cost per person turns out to be extremely affordable. A day cruise allows tourists to board the yacht, cruise along the coastal regions, stop for island hopping tours, lunch and swimming and then return to the a small bay to moor for the night by early evening. A day cruise is an ideal option for travellers on a budget and travellers with time constraints. Guests will head out in the morning, see many of the regions highlights in a short burst of time, have lunch and return to the same port by late afternoon/early evening.

Blue Voyage Tours
Blue Voyage Tours


The best time to go for a cruise
The months of July to mid-September are considered to be the peak seasons in terms of a Blue Voyage Turkey tour. You can expect cruising to be the costliest at this time. The months of April and October generally feature a little bit of rain, but you could look forward to a day cruise, provided the weather permits you to do so. However, the best time to embark for a Blue Voyage Turkey tour is in the months of May and late September as the crowds are thinner and the cruises are cheaper. So, plan your Turkey tour based on all these factors mentioned above.

Enjoy Turkey on Gulet Charter

Chartering a yacht is considered as one of the best ways to enjoy an island holiday. If you are in Turkey this is called a Gulet charter because the yacht used is the traditional Turkish boat called a gulet. To truly enjoy a yacht charter holiday in Turkey it is best to choose a gulet suitable for your group size and an itinerary that will match your party’s tastes.

Benefits of Gulet Charter
One of the benefits of chartering a gulet in Turkey is that you get to have full control as to how long you will have the yacht at your disposal. Alaturka is one of the only companies that offers flexible Gulet charter packages where clients can create their own holiday itinerary.

Another benefit is the chance to enjoy a truly relaxing and pampering cruise with the most experienced crew to serve you. With our crew, you can be assured that your entire cruise is going to be a smooth-sailing one. This means that all you really have to do is to enjoy your holiday from day one to the time you are about to go home.
If you are a bit apprehensive about a cruising holiday, you shouldn’t be, because a Gulet charter cruise is a guaranteed fun, easy and relaxing holiday.

A yacht charter is also very much affordable and that is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t pass this opportunity up. You can enjoy a few days on the sea without breaking the bank, which is usually the case when going for other holiday options.

And of course, the best benefit of all is that you and your company can see and enjoy a different destination in a different way. During the cruise, you will not just have fun doing expected water activities like swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling, but you will also get to have the unique chance to get up close and personal with some of Turkey’s amazing cultural sites and historical locations.

A Gulet charter is probably one of the best options for a truly exciting and enjoyable Turkish holiday. If you haven’t considered this option yet, it is about time that you do so. After all, everyone needs to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in a place where beauty, culture, and history meet.

Gulet cruises along the Mediterranean
Gulet cruises along the Mediterranean

Sailing Greek Islands: Dream Yacht Charter holidays

Greece, dating its history back to the ancient times, is a country situated in Southern Europe. Greece has been one of the most popular attractions for voyagers ever since it was founded in the ancient times. Today it is like a magnet attracting international tourist’s attention for its rich and long history, Mediterranean coastline, islands and stunning beaches.

Yacht charters to Greece are one of the most magical ways to explore the Greek islands. Yachts, ranging from 16m in length to 40m, leave from Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Kos, Rhodes, Symi in the Dodecanese group and Samos in the northern Aegean islands. Each of the Greek islands holds its unique charm and warmly invites everyone to explore its unique history, culture, and to taste some freshly made food.

Yachts are also categorised by a class type: luxury, deluxe, VIP, mid-range and standard. You are the only one to choose your private or group yacht charter and the length of your dream sailing vacation.

Affordable sailing holidays along Greek islands promises a relaxing cruise, with charming beaches, notable architecture in white and blue, traditional Greek lifestyle, its culture, and much more among that.

What to Expect?
Well, this is a question with a number of answers. Ancient sites, ruined fortress and castles, unspoiled coasts and beautiful beaches, secret caves, untouched nature, extreme and relaxing activities – all of them are closer to you than ever! So be ready to fall in love with the beauty of Greece.

Often our expectations depend on our mood and the viewpoint of things, but yachting along Greek islands is something that immerses and leaves no one indifferent. The large part of Greece is mountainous and features rocky coastline covering treasures at every turn. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the traditional fishing villages are dominated by blue and white coloured houses that are home to a number of intimate and fine-dining restaurants serving traditional, seasonal and fresh food.

Greece yacht charter vacation offers voyagers so much to explore and to do around. Exploring Greek islands, boasting significant ancient history, beautiful architecture and charming coastline villages, with a yacht charter make travellers to revisit Greece year after year. It is home to numerous ancient ruins and ancient history to soak up.

The blue skies, rocky coastline, small charming fishermen villages, and clear water make Greece to be one of the most sought-after yacht charter areas in the Mediterranean.

The Greek Islands are a combination of past and present, old and new, holding its own unique charm. While on your charter yacht you are welcome to taste some delicious food such as fresh tomatoes, olives, oranges, strawberries, melons, feta, and chef speciality Mediterranean dishes.

A sailing yacht charter vacation is among the best ways to discover a land of intriguing culture and eye-catching beauty. A dream yacht charter vacation in Greece is the adventure of a lifetime, and it usually costs no more than a holiday in a hotel room on land.

All you have to do is imagine and enjoy! Turn your imagination into a reality with a sailing holiday on a yacht charter.

Stunning sites on the Greek Islands tours
Stunning sites on the Greek Islands tours

Welcome to Bodrum

Bodrum is a district and a port city located in the Southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. It is very popular sailing holiday destination among locals and tourists alike, having one of the largest outdoor nightclubs in the world, with a capacity of 5000 people. Tracing its roots from the 7th century BC, when it was colonised by Dorian Greeks, Bodrum has been a quiet fishermen‘s village and divers sponge until the mid-20th century, when it was developed and rediscovered as an ideally location for sailing tourism and recreation. In ancient times Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus of Caria, and was famous for boasting one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Mausoleum of Mausolus which dates from the 15th century.

Bodrum has a Mediterranean climate; in winter the average temperature is 15 °C and in the summer – 34 °C. The diverse climate is the main reason of such a large diversity of plants and animals.

Bodrum, named “Saint Tropez of Turkey” by NY Times magazine, is home to a number of various attractions appealing to various tastes. The main highlights of Bodrum among others include the Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, Port Bodrum Yalikavak, Bardakci Cove, Zeki Muren Arts Museum.

Bodrum invites tourists to take a stroll through the palm-lined streets and admire the white-coloured small houses.

Bodrum Yacht Charter
Yacht charter, one of a number of ways to discover a picturesque Turkey and the Mediterranean with its honey-coloured beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, as well as charming villages and towns, is a top must-try attraction for those who are ardent for cruising.

Bodrum Yacht Charter, one of the most involving, amazing and unforgettable cruises, invites dear travellers to reveal the secrets of Turkey’s unspoiled islands, charming small villages and its imposing landscape with one of numerous yacht charters.

Yacht Charter cruises sailing along the Turquoise waters, boasting one of the most beautiful Turkey’s villages and islands, including Byzantine village, Cokertme Bay, Cleopatra Island, Longoz Bay, Karacasogut, Tuzla Bay and Kargili, will take you away from the hustle and bustle and jumble up your imagination with eye-catching views at every turn.

A charter allows curious travellers to discover the sandy and pebble beaches, ancient forts and romantic ruins, small fishing villages, and picturesque towns lying close off the coast. It also offers to taste a freshly landed fish, served by local intimate restaurants.

There’s so much more to enjoy aboard the sailing yacht charter. Bodrum yacht charter cruise stops for short and long breaks. A glass of wine and dinner under the clear skies are also offered. You are also free of charge to admire the shining stars, charming views from a yacht, and to feel the breeze of sea and the heat of sun.
Bodrum is a popular yachting holiday destination and a yacht charter from Bodrum is perfect for people with different tastes: from couples to big families dreaming of escaping the hustle in quiet and unspoilt coves, beaches and bays.

Yacht holidays from Bodrum and around unveil the beauty of beaches, fishing villages, vibrant towns, and nature. Book your yacht charter from Bodrum and enjoy this truly amazing yachting cruise.

Bodrum Harbour
Bodrum Harbour

Sailing Turkey: Yacht Charter holidays

Turkey, the cradle of cultures and civilisations, today is more and more widely regarded as one of the most popular and one of the leading sailing destinations in the world – much more than its clichéd image of a “bridge between East and West”. Turkey is at the crossroads of culture, history and religion, making it a sought-after holiday destination in the world.
With more than 4,000 miles of coastline, beautiful landscape, honey-coloured sand beaches, and crystal clear turquoise waters, Turkey has long ago become a sailor’s paradise, and a number of voyagers are still discovering its beauty. The popularity of Turkey as a yachting destination is still steadily increasing each year, attracting more and more sailors to come and discover its beauty.
Its peninsula is surrounded on three sides by water, and its central plateau is framed by chains of rugged Mount Ararat. These features are truly eye-catching and they will never let you get bored.
Turkey’s climate is also very diverse. It determines the variety of flora and fauna in Turkey that is among one of the richest to be found in Europe and the Middle East.
Sailing holidays in Turkey are some of the best in the world, during which you will experience breeze winds and blue waters with eye-catching landscape, sandy beaches, fishing villages, ancient sites, and much more.
Yachting along the large Turkey peninsula gives travellers an opportunity to explore the ancient ruins, historic tombs, sacred sites, picturesque villages and towns lined with palm trees.
Yacht charters in Turkey offers to see and taste some traditional dishes in one of the numerous small and intimate restaurants along the coast. The cuisine of Turkey is somewhat a combination of Asia and Europe, serving traditional shish kebabs and raki, and a wide selection of fresh vegetables and tasty wines.
Turkey is a picturesque yacht charter destination, having more coastline than any other country in the Mediterranean. Turkey, the birthplace of now expired civilisations and cultures, that have left their traces in its culture, history and religion, has become one of the most popular yachting destinations in the world and is one of the most sought-after yachting holiday areas in the Eastern Mediterranean.
A well planned Turkey yacht charter holiday guarantees that you will escape from the bustle and hustle of everyday life and get immersed in this bewitching natural environment the Mediterranean has to offer. Exploring the stretch of beautiful coastline by sailing through the crystal clear water aboard a Turkish yacht charter, will leave you feeling rapturous. Its clear blue waters are ideal for swimming, water related sports and are among the best places in the world to paraglide over.
Yacht charter in Turkey will take you within turquoise waters and sheltered bays that once have been touched by the ancient civilisations such as Carians, Lycians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines.
There is so much to do and to try in Turkey‘s coastline; it undoubtedly makes Turkey a desirable yacht charter destination. Such increasing popularity of Turkey as a yachting destination lies as much in the excellent Mediterranean climate and its beautiful nature as it does with the undeniable beauty of its coastline.