Go for Luxury Yacht Charter Kas

Turkey is a country full of unique attractions and it offers a lot of exciting activities for both local and international tourists. For those who have enough budget to enjoy a totally extravagant vacation, going for a luxury yacht charter Kas is very much recommended.
The Beauty of Kas
Kas is located 168 km to the west of Antalya Province in Turkey. It is a small fishing town that offers unspoiled beauty of nature and sea. Here, locals and tourists enjoy different activities like yachting, swimming and diving.
Kas is a quaint and quiet lovely town with turquoise sea and narrow avenues perfectly scented with sweet jasmine flowers. Tourism is very much a part of this little town and there are several small guest houses that can accommodate visitors. There are also secluded quiet cafes that serve home cooked meals. For night owls, there are small bars where they can relax after enjoying a day’s swimming or scuba diving.
Some of the main events that happen in Kas are the town’s yearly arts festival, the jazz concert and the famous Kiln Under the Sea exhibitions.
There are over 15 diving schools and dive centers in Kas and that’s why this town is considered as one of Turkey’s leading scuba diving towns. If you are going for luxury yacht charter Kas, it is very much recommended to try scuba diving in one of the 50 safe dive spots around the area during your cruise. Diving in this town’s blue waters offers the magnificent sights of beautiful sea creatures like fish, sea turtles and octopus.
The Beauty of a Luxury Yacht Charters in Kas
The main reason why some people prefer to rent yachts is because they love having the privacy. Luxury yacht charter Kas allows you to enjoy the exclusive services of a captain and his crew. You rent the whole yacht for a specific duration of time and you have the option to choose your itinerary. The route of the charter cruise – as well as where to embark and disembark – will be based on the agreement between you and the luxury yacht charter Kas company, Alaturka Yachting & Travel.


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The only way to travel – on a luxury yacht in Kas

So, if ever you are thinking of coming to Turkey, booking for a luxury yacht charter Kas should be one of your options. You can spend a week, or even two, on board your rented yacht and then you can be assured that you will be coming back home full of good memories and totally refreshed mind and body.

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