Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is normally not known to be a destination that would spring to mind the moment one talks about visiting exotic beaches or holidaying in the Mediterranean. For most people, its always about Spain, Italy and the Greek Isles. However, for those in the know Turkey offers an exciting and enriching experience that can transform the way you look at holidays. If the sun and sand are what you desire, Turkey definitely ranks among the very best. Why restrict yourself to Europe and Asia. Add the Caribbean into the mix and the beaches of Turkey would still manage to stand out on their own. Here is a list of some of the best .


Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley is located between two majestic cliffs and stretches out in a v-shape that ends with one of the most pristine stretches of sand. The best way to visit Butterfly Valley  is via a boat from Fethiye or Oludeniz. However, you should know that Butterfly Valley is mostly famous among the adventure travellers because of the surrounding natural beauty that offers ideal options for trekking, the lack of crowds and development, the option to camp along the trees and the lack of any form of electricity or construction. In other words, a trip to Butterfly Valley takes one away from all forms of civilisation.

Butterfly Valley Best Beaches in Turkey

Butterfly Valley, one of the best beaches in Turkey

Those looking for the best beaches in Turkey are known to flock to the port town of Marmaris by the drives. Beer, fast food, sunshine and hoardes of travellers are what define Marmaris, but it is also known to be an ideal base to explore the breathtaking coastline, catch a ferry to Greece, check out sea turtles at Dalyan or charter a yacht.


Kaputas Beach
The Kaputas Beach boasts of having one of the best locations that offer tourists with some breathtaking photography opportunities. Calm waters, secluded areas, yellow sands, ample sunshine and stunning backdrops are what await you at the Kaputas Beach. In short, visiting the Kaputas Beach is nothing short of visiting paradise.


Iztuzu, Dalyan
Sea turtles and travellers join hands to lap up the waves at the Iztuzu beach. The Iztuzu Beach is a protected stretch of sand that extends to approximately 4.5kms. It is most famous for its sea turtles who drag themsels ashore in order to lay their eggs. The vast marshy areas beyond the beach is also known to be teeming with wildlife.


Ovabuku Beach
No list of the best beaches in Turkey can ever be complete without mentioning the The Ovabuku Beach. The Ovabuku Beach is located in the Datca peninsula and is known for its lush beauty that is beautifully carved out by oak, carob and myrtle trees. A trip to the Ovabuku Beach is not just about the beach itself – it is about the entire scenery – a secluded environment, a feeling of peace and tranquility, enchanting sceneries and a sense of escape. Come to Turkey for the best beaches!

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