Chartering Yachts in Fethiye

Chartering yachts in Fethiye is one of the best ways to enjoy a Turkish holiday. Many people are now choosing this kind of holiday option because it gives them the chance not just to discover Turkey’s history and culture, but also the beauty of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas.
Fethiye – Yachtsman’s Paradise
The Gulf of Fethiye is considered as a yachtsman’s paradise because it has several sheltered and protected coves, islands and anchorages with crystal clear blue water. There are also protected coves that provide tranquil night when you are on anchor.
Fethiye is definitely a spectacular setting that is ideal for a experiencing a highly relaxed and comfortable sailing vacation in a completely unspoiled location.
To truly enjoy your Turkish holiday you should try hiring one of the many available yachts in Fethiye. You will surely love the chance to sail through the calm waters and to stop at some of the most spectacular destinations that Turkey has to offer.
How to Reach Fethiye
Fethiye can be easily reached from the Dalaman airport and it is considered as one of Turkey’s friendliest harbour towns and boasts a highly developed town centre, beautiful waterfront boulevard, tavernas and lots of shops that sell everything from spices to carpets.
Different Cruises and Yachts in Fethiye
For the best Fethiye tour experience, you should choose the type of yacht to hire and the kind of cruise package to book for.
It is important to understand that yachts in Fethiye come in different sizes and they are used in different cruise packages. If you want total privacy in your holiday, you should opt to hire a private yacht to take you around Fethiye and its surrounding and neighboring islands. For this kind of cruise you have the choice of three-cabin to ten-cabin yachts.
You may also chose to join a Gulet cruise where you share the yacht and the service with other people. This is a good option if you are travelling alone or if you and your companions do not mind having to share accommodations with other guests.
Lastly, if you really want to experience paradise on your next vacation, you will surely not be disappointed when you opt to book for one of the many yachts in Fethiye that are currently available. Fethiye is a great destination because it is near the airport and it can provide everything that you could ever need. Some of the gulets or yachts you should consider include Alaturka 81, Vivere and Flora Gulet.

Alaturka 81 gulet 1024x768 Chartering Yachts in Fethiye

Alaturka 81 gulet based in Fethiye, Turkey

Four Day Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

Fethiye and Marmaris are just two of the most popular Turkey destinations. The best way to enjoy these two locations – and more – is to book for a Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise.

What To Expect On a Four-day Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise
There are many things and activities you can expect on your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise. Not to mention there are also a lot of people that you could meet while you are on your vacation. This cruise introduces guests to the inlets and islands around the beautiful Gulf of Fethiye (also called Turquoise Coast for its startlingly crystal blue waters).
Aside from starting the cruise in Fethiye and then ending in Marmaris on the fourth day, this Turkey tour option will take you and everyone on board through the different coastal towns in the area.
On the first day you and all the other guests are going to board the vessel at Fethiye Harbour. You will be taken then to the Gocek Gulf where you will be amazed at the beautiful scenery. Here, you can just relax on deck as you watch the magnificent mountains beautifully covered with pine trees. Next, your boat is going to lower anchor at Yassica islands where you will have lunch before continuing on to Tersane Island for some water activities. Overnight stay is at Bedri Rahmi Bay.

Gocek Gulf Four Day Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

The Gulf of Gocek, Fethiye

For day two of your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise, you will start with breakfast on board before cruising to Manastir Bay for a morning swim. Next stop is at Aga Limani where the night is also going to be spent.
Day three starts from Aga Limani to Kumlubuk Bay for breakfast and some explorations. Cennet Island (Paradise Island) is the next stop where everyone can enjoy their last dips into the blue waters of Turkey. The night will be spent at the final destination, Marmaris Harbour where you can party the night away.
As day four ends of the Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise, this is where you are going to have your last breakfast before saying your farewells to your cruise companions and new friends.
In order to fully enjoy your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise it is recommended to make sure that you book your holiday only through a reputable travel agency. One company that comes highly recommended because of its total reliability is Alaturka Yachting & Travel.

Have an Adventure Onboard a Luxury Yacht Charter Marmaris

If you want to travel to Turkey and you want to experience a totally new adventure you should try booking for a luxury yacht charter Marmaris. Marmaris is a tourist resort and port town located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast in the Mugla province of Southwest Turkey and along the magnificent shoreline of the famous Turkish Riviera.
Tourism is this town’s major source of income and that is why there is not much left of what Marmaris was a long time ago – a small and sleeping fishing town. The quaint fishing village charm has been retained though and this is what draws tourists from all over the world.
The Beauty of Marmaris
Marmaris is famous not just for its beautiful shoreline but also because it offers options for sailing and scuba diving. If you want to sail the clear blue waters of this Turkish town, you need to book for luxury yacht charter Marmaris.
Since Marmaris has instantly turned into a flashy yacht charter town resort, it is now among the best destinations in the Mediterranean. This little village is full of promontories and small peninsulas that stretch out to the sea, which make it one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey to go sailing. Through popularity it has also gained the opportunity to host many festivals, events and live music.

Marmaris Have an Adventure Onboard a Luxury Yacht Charter Marmaris

The beautiful town of Marmaris

Advantage of Luxury Yacht Charter Service
Booking for a luxury yacht charter Marmaris allows you to enjoy full service of the cruise captain and the crew. This means you get to be the master of the vessel for the whole duration of your sailing schedule. This also means that you get to choose where to go, when to embark and when to disembark.
This is definitely a great option as it eliminates the need to share onboard accommodations and services with other tourists. You wouldn’t have to wait for anyone if you want to just lie on the deck and read. You can do that whenever you want as you and your company are the only ones on board.
With a luxury yacht charter Marmaris package, you also get to choose the activities that you want to indulge in. You wouldn’t have to just go with the flow. You can go scuba diving when you feel like it or you can just ask the captain to anchor somewhere peaceful if you want some quiet time with your companions.
A luxury yacht charter Marmaris is indeed a good choice, especially if you have the need to enjoy and experience complete relaxation and comfort.

Go for Luxury Yacht Charter Kas

Turkey is a country full of unique attractions and it offers a lot of exciting activities for both local and international tourists. For those who have enough budget to enjoy a totally extravagant vacation, going for a luxury yacht charter Kas is very much recommended.
The Beauty of Kas
Kas is located 168 km to the west of Antalya Province in Turkey. It is a small fishing town that offers unspoiled beauty of nature and sea. Here, locals and tourists enjoy different activities like yachting, swimming and diving.
Kas is a quaint and quiet lovely town with turquoise sea and narrow avenues perfectly scented with sweet jasmine flowers. Tourism is very much a part of this little town and there are several small guest houses that can accommodate visitors. There are also secluded quiet cafes that serve home cooked meals. For night owls, there are small bars where they can relax after enjoying a day’s swimming or scuba diving.
Some of the main events that happen in Kas are the town’s yearly arts festival, the jazz concert and the famous Kiln Under the Sea exhibitions.
There are over 15 diving schools and dive centers in Kas and that’s why this town is considered as one of Turkey’s leading scuba diving towns. If you are going for luxury yacht charter Kas, it is very much recommended to try scuba diving in one of the 50 safe dive spots around the area during your cruise. Diving in this town’s blue waters offers the magnificent sights of beautiful sea creatures like fish, sea turtles and octopus.
The Beauty of a Luxury Yacht Charters in Kas
The main reason why some people prefer to rent yachts is because they love having the privacy. Luxury yacht charter Kas allows you to enjoy the exclusive services of a captain and his crew. You rent the whole yacht for a specific duration of time and you have the option to choose your itinerary. The route of the charter cruise – as well as where to embark and disembark – will be based on the agreement between you and the luxury yacht charter Kas company, Alaturka Yachting & Travel.


Luxury yacht charter kas 1024x678 Go for Luxury Yacht Charter Kas

The only way to travel – on a luxury yacht in Kas

So, if ever you are thinking of coming to Turkey, booking for a luxury yacht charter Kas should be one of your options. You can spend a week, or even two, on board your rented yacht and then you can be assured that you will be coming back home full of good memories and totally refreshed mind and body.

Experience Asia and Europe with Daily Istanbul Tours

Istanbul is that one city in the world where you can experience being in two continents, Asia and Europe. And because of that you can also experience diversity and culture like no other. If you want to get the best of your Istanbul holiday, you should check out the available Alaturka Daily Istanbul Tours.

Daily Istanbul Tours Options
Istanbul Classic Tours – This is a classic walking tour that takes the guests to some of the best places in this great Turkish city. The places to be visited are within walking distance from one another. These places include: Hagia Sophia, Byzantine Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.

Istanbul Private Shore Excursion – This daily tour of Istanbul offers similar activities as the classic tour, with the difference being you getting privately guided through the city. This means you wouldn’t have to go on the tour with about a dozen or more other tourists.

Istanbul Culinary Walking Tour – This is the tour that offers the taste of two continents. The tour begins with a delicious Turkish breakfast served on the European side of the city. Then the tour will cross to the Asian side going to Kadykoy, the place where you can find the best restaurants in the city. Here, you can enjoy sipping freshly-brewed tea paired with the famous baklava. This is definitely one of the most popular daily Istanbul tours as it gives the tourists the chance to enjoy up to over 15 different kinds of foods during the entire walk. The tour usually includes the food tasting, Turkish tea, water, English speaking guide and the ferry ride from Europe to Asia.

Istanbul Bosphorus Tour – Among the many daily Istanbul tours, this is a private tour that will take you to the city walls, the Spice Bazaar, and the Rumeli Fortress. This tour also gives you a bus ride going to the Golden Horn, which is a natural harbour that played a very significant role in the development of the city. Bosphorus tour on boat is also a part of this daily tour. This is a traditional boat trip that sails along the waters that separate Europe from Asia, and passes through the breathtaking Dolamabahce Palace.

Dolmabahce Palace Experience Asia and Europe with Daily Istanbul Tours

Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul

Turkey is indeed a great place to go if you want to get your fill of history, culture, gastronomical adventure and lots of fun days in the sea, sun and the sand. To truly get the best value for your holiday money, you should make sure that you go for one or two of the mentioned daily Istanbul tours. Alaturka can organise any of these extension daily Istanbul tours with any cruise or any other Turkey tour. However, if you are just looking for Istanbul tours and no other adjoining tours we can also accommodate.

Best ancient cities of Turkey

Vying for attention amongst the vibrant modern day cities, are the ancient cities built by our forefathers, each speaking a different story. On the map of Turkey you see all the development of the technological age intertwined with spectacles of the past; you simply cannot miss it. If you started counting the number of civilizations that once habited this region you’ll be amazed. From the Hattians to Phrygia and Lydia, the Seleucids, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuk, and finally the Ottoman Empire, the legacy is astounding.



Having said all this, it’s quite hard to decide which ancient cities are the best. Though it’s impossible to cover them all, here are the best ancient cities of Turkey!



Aphrodisias was an ancient Greek city in Caria. It’s about 90 kilometers from Aydin town center and very well preserved considering that it was a prehistoric settlement from before 5000 BC! Here you can marvel at the famous Temple of Aphrodite, a grandiose council house and stadium, and the imposing buildings that stand witness to the grandeur of another era.



I’m also quite taken by Konya, which although these days is one of the major cities of Turkey, has a heritage dating back to the Late Copper Age, and was also a capital of the Seljuk Sultanate. It was known as Iconium in Latin. The important sites include the Mevlana Museum, mosques dating back to the time of the Seljuk Sultanate and an ethnography museum. But I’m very much taken by the fact that it was the backdrop of the famous events in the life of the poet Jalal al-Din Rumi, who inspired the whirling dervishes that are a sight to behold, and his tomb is also located here.



Ephesus, bordering modern day Selcuk also has some well preserved Roman and Greek ruins. It’s ironic that there are more Greek and Roman ruins in Turkey than in Greece and Rome! You can see the library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, and an awe inspiring cave of the seven sleepers, where it is believed that seven Christian boys sought refuge and slept, only to wake up centuries later. The impressive Isabey Mosque should not be missed out if you happen to be in the area.


Ephesus Best ancient cities of Turkey

The library of Celsus, ancient city of Ephesus


While you are in Ephesus you may also visit the ancient cities of Priene and Miletus, the former being an ancient city lying between Kusadasi and Bodrum, with Miletus nearby. Although it’s a smaller city, it’s the place to go if you want relative peace and quiet. Here again, ancient ruins are in abundance, like the Roman baths, the Temple of Athena, and other relics of the Hellenistic era that you can imbibe by taking a walk around the city.



Another Carian city called Kaunos may also be a competition if one sees the ever so elegant rock tombs with facades resembling temples that are destined to take your breath away. The quality of the masonry is unrivalled, and there are also ancient city walls, and temples, but these rock tombs are definitely the eye catchers!



Other best ancient cities in Turkey to visit include Hierapolis, Bergama, and the underground cities in Cappadocia, Myra, Olympos and many others. Well if you really want to decide which are the best ancient cities in Turkey I’d suggest a tour to Turkey. After all, wonders can only be seen, not described.

Cooking classes in Turkey

There is an old saying that goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But I believe now it is more apt to say “When in Turkey, do as the Turks do” because you’ll never run out of things to do here. Travel is a combination of experiencing the culture and cuisine, and as far as the latter is concerned Turkey provides enough to load the palate. But it is not solely about tasting the food, rather being a part in creating a dish using local recipes and ingredients that makes the whole experience so rewarding.

There are many cooking classes organised in various cities catering specially to tourists, particularly in Istanbul. Most of these classes last about 4-5 hours, wherein you are taught to prepare a five course meal and later on can enjoy the fruit of your own labour in the form of lunch or dinner (depending on the class you choose). Sample it and also prepare some extra for the other diners. Personally, I am thrilled at the idea of returning from one of my travels and surprising my family with my adeptness at making a Turkish five course meal!

Of course, the chefs don’t promise to make you an expert within a single class. It all depends on your previous experience and the skills you bring to the table. The environment is laid back and hassle free, and it depends on team work, with tasks like chopping and cutting divided. However, everyone is made privy to the crucial steps of preparing any dish. The local ingredients generally include, but are not confined to, lamb, eggplant, vine leaves, yogurt, mint, chili, cumin, lentils, figs and walnuts.

Cooking Alaturka is a popular class, focusing on Anatolian dishes. The chefs provide hands on training, which means you are actually doing the cooking, not just watching the pros do it. Many classes in the area focus on the culinary heritage of the Turkish and Ottoman dishes. You can also boost up your knowledge by visiting the renowned Spice Bazaar, as well as the Wednesday Market in the streets around Fatih Mosque for full immersion in the local culture and what makes them tick.

For confirmation, at least two people are required, and the classes may extend up to ten members. It is not advisable to have many members as that could create hindrance towards learning. The classes cost about €65, which is totally worth it for one whole day spent among people experienced in local cuisine, picking up tips and tricks from them. Moreover, many of these classes also arrange for refreshments like tea, coffee and soft drinks as well. Needless to say, aprons and kitchen tools are provided.

I think whoever came up with the idea must have had a brilliant insight, because what more is travel but a new sensation for all your senses; sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste! So make sure you enroll for this class, which is mostly available from Monday to Saturday, and therefore ensure that you take a part of Turkey home with yourself.

Explore Pamukkale for a Truly Memorable Holiday

Pamukkale is located 11 miles north of Denizli and it is the main natural mineral bath spa of Turkey because of its calcium-rich hot water spring that comes from under the ground and cascading over the cliff. As the water cools they form into travertines of brilliantly white coloured hard calcium pools.

The Cotton Fortress
Pamukkale is also called the Cotton Fortress and it has offered natural spa since the Romans had built Hierapolis (spa city) around the considered sacred water spring. Today, that antique pool is still in existences and is beautifully littered with the pieces from the Temple of Apollo’s marble columns. Swimming in the water spring costs a small fee and lockers are available for all of your belongings.

Pamukkale Explore Pamukkale for a Truly Memorable Holiday
Reaching Pamukkale
Pamukkale can be reached by bus, train, car or through the air. Most tourists consider this place as an ideal overnight stop between Marmaris, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Izmir or Selcuk and Cappadocia, Konya or Antalya.

Day Tour
You can book for a day tour going to Pamukkale from Selcuk or Fethiye. This tour will take you to the historic ruins of Hierapolis and it also will allow you to climb the seats of the magnificent Roman Theater.
Other activities you can do while on the day tour include; splashing along the permitted areas of the travertines, soaking in the marble column littered Antique Pool, and visiting the exhibits displayed at the Archeological Museum.

Four Significant Locations to Visit
In Pamukkale, there are four important locations that should be visited. These are Laodicea, Pamukkale Town, Karahayıt, and the Pamukkale Plateau.
Laodicea is located four miles of Denzil and it is a very old city that is being reborn through extensive archeological restoration. From Denzil, Laodicea can be reached by car in less than three hours.

The Pamukkale Town is located at the foot of the famous travertines and it boasts of small hotels, restaurants, pensions and a bus ticket office. If you want to indulge in a private mineral water dip, you can go into one of the pensions that offer their own warm water pools.
On the north is the Karahayit and it is a village once known for the rusty-red calcium and iron riched mineral waters it produced. This place is now filled with developed huge luxury spa lodgings like the Colossae and the Richmond.
The Pamukkale Plateau is the place where the Roman Hierapolis was built. It has three main entry ways and entering here also requires a small admission fee.

Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is normally not known to be a destination that would spring to mind the moment one talks about visiting exotic beaches or holidaying in the Mediterranean. For most people, its always about Spain, Italy and the Greek Isles. However, for those in the know Turkey offers an exciting and enriching experience that can transform the way you look at holidays. If the sun and sand are what you desire, Turkey definitely ranks among the very best. Why restrict yourself to Europe and Asia. Add the Caribbean into the mix and the beaches of Turkey would still manage to stand out on their own. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in Turkey.


Butterfly Valley
Butterfly Valley is located between two majestic cliffs and stretches out in a v-shape that ends with one of the most pristine stretches of sand. The best way to visit Butterfly Valley  is via a boat from Fethiye or Oludeniz. However, you should know that Butterfly Valley is mostly famous among the adventure travellers because of the surrounding natural beauty that offers ideal options for trekking, the lack of crowds and development, the option to camp along the trees and the lack of any form of electricity or construction. In other words, a trip to Butterfly Valley takes one away from all forms of civilisation.

Butterfly Valley Best Beaches in Turkey

Butterfly Valley, one of the best beaches in Turkey

Those looking for the best beaches in Turkey are known to flock to the port town of Marmaris by the drives. Beer, fast food, sunshine and hoardes of travellers are what define Marmaris, but it is also known to be an ideal base to explore the breathtaking coastline, catch a ferry to Greece, check out sea turtles at Dalyan or charter a yacht.


Kaputas Beach
The Kaputas Beach boasts of having one of the best locations that offer tourists with some breathtaking photography opportunities. Calm waters, secluded areas, yellow sands, ample sunshine and stunning backdrops are what await you at the Kaputas Beach. In short, visiting the Kaputas Beach is nothing short of visiting paradise.


Iztuzu, Dalyan
Sea turtles and travellers join hands to lap up the waves at the Iztuzu beach. The Iztuzu Beach is a protected stretch of sand that extends to approximately 4.5kms. It is most famous for its sea turtles who drag themsels ashore in order to lay their eggs. The vast marshy areas beyond the beach is also known to be teeming with wildlife.


Ovabuku Beach
No list of the best beaches in Turkey can ever be complete without mentioning the The Ovabuku Beach. The Ovabuku Beach is located in the Datca peninsula and is known for its lush beauty that is beautifully carved out by oak, carob and myrtle trees. A trip to the Ovabuku Beach is not just about the beach itself – it is about the entire scenery – a secluded environment, a feeling of peace and tranquility, enchanting sceneries and a sense of escape. Come to Turkey for the best beaches!

Snorkeling in Gallipoli

Normally snorkelling would be a thrilling activity in any part of the world. To get the opportunity to observe underwater life, the flora and fauna, with minimal effort required is invigorating in itself. But what if apart from the natural beauty you get the chance to see ancient and historic remains of an important era, reminiscent of a significant war between nations? Wouldn’t it double the adventure of going underwater?

Well in Gallipoli there are tours organised specially for the purpose of seeing an underwater steamer. For those who do not know, Gallipoli was the location of an important battleground between the army of the Ottoman Empire and the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) during World War I. Since then this place has become a rallying point for people around the world commemorating the loss of life in wars. The steamer is called Milo. And it is the remains of this that you may snorkel over if you get the chance to go snorkelling in Gallipoli.
This steamer was purposefully sunk to act as breakwater for the Williams’ Pier to survive the storms so that it would be useful in landing and embarking in spite of the rough weather at that time. Well you can go for snorkelling in Gallipoli as part of an overall tour of this place, which includes visits to the ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine Australian Memorial, Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial, Johnston’s Jolly where you can witness the trenches and tunnels dug as part of the war strategy by both the Allied and Turk forces, and the Ariburnu Cemetery where those who died in the war as well as some of the civilian labourers are buried. There are other landmarks of importance, like the stone monolith inscribed with the words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, delivered in 1934 to honor the dead when people from Australia, New Zealand and Britain came to visit the battlegrounds in 1934.


Gallipoli snorkelling Snorkeling in Gallipoli

Snorkelling in Milo, Gallipoli

There are several options available if you want to travel in this region to absorb the events leading up to an eventful time in history. A 2 day tour from Istanbul ending at Selcuk or vice versa costs about €145 per person. The overnight stay is at Eceabat. The first day is spent in a fully guided tour of the places aforementioned to add to your information and many others like the ANZAC Commemorative Site and the Mehmetcik statue, while the next day is spent snorkelling in the peninsula. As the steamer is about 75 meters away from the shore your fitness will have to be determined first.

The entrance fee and lunch is included in the overall fee, which is a fair deal considering the fuel price and the like. You also get to have some free time to spend at your own whim exploring the neighboring area. Alaturka also do package deals for those that book Gallipoli, Milo snorkelling and cabin cruises. The more you book the bigger the discount!


So if you plan to visit this region make sure you get the chance to snorkel in the cozy waters amid the lush view while also getting a taste of history.