Chartering Yachts in Fethiye

Chartering yachts in Fethiye is one of the best ways to enjoy a Turkish holiday. Many people are now choosing this kind of holiday option because it gives them the chance not just to discover Turkey’s history and culture, but also the beauty of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas.
Fethiye – Yachtsman’s Paradise
The Gulf of Fethiye is considered as a yachtsman’s paradise because it has several sheltered and protected coves, islands and anchorages with crystal clear blue water. There are also protected coves that provide tranquil night when you are on anchor.
Fethiye is definitely a spectacular setting that is ideal for a experiencing a highly relaxed and comfortable sailing vacation in a completely unspoiled location.
To truly enjoy your Turkish holiday you should try hiring one of the many available yachts in Fethiye. You will surely love the chance to sail through the calm waters and to stop at some of the most spectacular destinations that Turkey has to offer.
How to Reach Fethiye
Fethiye can be easily reached from the Dalaman airport and it is considered as one of Turkey’s friendliest harbour towns and boasts a highly developed town centre, beautiful waterfront boulevard, tavernas and lots of shops that sell everything from spices to carpets.
Different Cruises and Yachts in Fethiye
For the best Fethiye tour experience, you should choose the type of yacht to hire and the kind of cruise package to book for.
It is important to understand that yachts in Fethiye come in different sizes and they are used in different cruise packages. If you want total privacy in your holiday, you should opt to hire a private yacht to take you around Fethiye and its surrounding and neighboring islands. For this kind of cruise you have the choice of three-cabin to ten-cabin yachts.
You may also chose to join a Gulet cruise where you share the yacht and the service with other people. This is a good option if you are travelling alone or if you and your companions do not mind having to share accommodations with other guests.
Lastly, if you really want to experience paradise on your next vacation, you will surely not be disappointed when you opt to book for one of the many yachts in Fethiye that are currently available. Fethiye is a great destination because it is near the airport and it can provide everything that you could ever need. Some of the gulets or yachts you should consider include Alaturka 81, Vivere and Flora Gulet.

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Alaturka 81 gulet based in Fethiye, Turkey