Four Day Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

Fethiye and Marmaris are just two of the most popular Turkey destinations. The best way to enjoy these two locations – and more – is to book for a Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise.

What To Expect On a Four-day Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise
There are many things and activities you can expect on your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise. Not to mention there are also a lot of people that you could meet while you are on your vacation. This cruise introduces guests to the inlets and islands around the beautiful Gulf of Fethiye (also called Turquoise Coast for its startlingly crystal blue waters).
Aside from starting the cruise in Fethiye and then ending in Marmaris on the fourth day, this Turkey tour option will take you and everyone on board through the different coastal towns in the area.
On the first day you and all the other guests are going to board the vessel at Fethiye Harbour. You will be taken then to the Gocek Gulf where you will be amazed at the beautiful scenery. Here, you can just relax on deck as you watch the magnificent mountains beautifully covered with pine trees. Next, your boat is going to lower anchor at Yassica islands where you will have lunch before continuing on to Tersane Island for some water activities. Overnight stay is at Bedri Rahmi Bay.

Gocek Gulf Four Day Fethiye to Marmaris Blue Cruise

The Gulf of Gocek, Fethiye

For day two of your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise, you will start with breakfast on board before cruising to Manastir Bay for a morning swim. Next stop is at Aga Limani where the night is also going to be spent.
Day three starts from Aga Limani to Kumlubuk Bay for breakfast and some explorations. Cennet Island (Paradise Island) is the next stop where everyone can enjoy their last dips into the blue waters of Turkey. The night will be spent at the final destination, Marmaris Harbour where you can party the night away.
As day four ends of the Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise, this is where you are going to have your last breakfast before saying your farewells to your cruise companions and new friends.
In order to fully enjoy your Fethiye to Marmaris blue cruise it is recommended to make sure that you book your holiday only through a reputable travel agency. One company that comes highly recommended because of its total reliability is Alaturka Yachting & Travel.

Have an Adventure Onboard a Luxury Yacht Charter Marmaris

If you want to travel to Turkey and you want to experience a totally new adventure you should try booking for a luxury yacht charter Marmaris. Marmaris is a tourist resort and port town located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast in the Mugla province of Southwest Turkey and along the magnificent shoreline of the famous Turkish Riviera.
Tourism is this town’s major source of income and that is why there is not much left of what Marmaris was a long time ago – a small and sleeping fishing town. The quaint fishing village charm has been retained though and this is what draws tourists from all over the world.
The Beauty of Marmaris
Marmaris is famous not just for its beautiful shoreline but also because it offers options for sailing and scuba diving. If you want to sail the clear blue waters of this Turkish town, you need to book for luxury yacht charter Marmaris.
Since Marmaris has instantly turned into a flashy yacht charter town resort, it is now among the best destinations in the Mediterranean. This little village is full of promontories and small peninsulas that stretch out to the sea, which make it one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey to go sailing. Through popularity it has also gained the opportunity to host many festivals, events and live music.

Marmaris Have an Adventure Onboard a Luxury Yacht Charter Marmaris

The beautiful town of Marmaris

Advantage of Luxury Yacht Charter Service
Booking for a luxury yacht charter Marmaris allows you to enjoy full service of the cruise captain and the crew. This means you get to be the master of the vessel for the whole duration of your sailing schedule. This also means that you get to choose where to go, when to embark and when to disembark.
This is definitely a great option as it eliminates the need to share onboard accommodations and services with other tourists. You wouldn’t have to wait for anyone if you want to just lie on the deck and read. You can do that whenever you want as you and your company are the only ones on board.
With a luxury yacht charter Marmaris package, you also get to choose the activities that you want to indulge in. You wouldn’t have to just go with the flow. You can go scuba diving when you feel like it or you can just ask the captain to anchor somewhere peaceful if you want some quiet time with your companions.
A luxury yacht charter Marmaris is indeed a good choice, especially if you have the need to enjoy and experience complete relaxation and comfort.