Enjoy the Best Sunsets of Turkey

Turkey offers sunsets with picture perfect scenes and this is because of the country’s natural beauty and the fact that it boasts the magnificence of the Mediterranean and Aegean Coasts. The best sunsets of Turkey can be seen and enjoyed in some of the most popular locations in this magical place.

Sunsets are all about the sun setting to say goodbye to the day and to give way to the evening. What makes sunset truly amazing is that it offers a great chance for a lot of people to appreciate the beauty of nature and the grandness of the world. Watching the sun go down is a real wonderful experience and if you can do this from a place where you can truly enjoy the glowing orange-red sky either behind a mountain or far from the sear, you are one lucky individual.

The Best Sunsets of Turkey from the Town of Akbuk
Akbuk is an idyllic town in Turkey that offers a unique Mediterranean retreat to those who are tired of their busy city lives. Most people come to this place to lounge in the long sandy beaches, admire the pine-covered hills and to watch the reddish sky during sunset.

The Best Sunsets of Turkey from Yalikavak
If you want a different kind of sunset scene you should go to Yalikavak, where the horizon turns bluish with purple tint when the sun goes down. Yalikavak may not be as popular as the other Turkish resorts, but when it comes to magical sunsets, this is surely the place to see and enjoy them.

Yalikavak Sunset Enjoy the Best Sunsets of Turkey

Yalikavak Sunset

The Best Sunsets of Turkey from Bodrum
One advantage that Bodrum has is that it is ideally located around a bay and sunsets here give out the picturesque scene of the sun going down behind the mountains. This is a truly picture perfect sunset scene that also provides that expected reddish-orange horizon.

The Best Sunsets of Turkey from Rose Valley
If there is one place in Turkey where photographers gather to take shots at sunset, it is Rose Valley in Cappadocia. The best time to come here if you want to see the unique pure red sky is during summer time.

Sunsets are indeed great to watch. They represent the end of the day and a promise of a better tomorrow. For some people sunsets are very symbolic in a way that it provides that feeling of completeness. It is said that if you enjoy watching the sun go down, you had a really good day because you are happy to see the day end beautifully. So, enjoy your day and have a great experience by watching the best sunsets of Turkey.

One of a kind – Marmaris to Greek Islands Cruise

Since Marmaris is close to the Greek islands, most Turkey visitors decide to extend their holiday adventures to Greece through island cruising. A Marmaris to Greek islands cruise is a very ideal choice if you really want to get the best of both Turkey and Greece.

Highlights of Marmaris to Greek Islands Cruise
Day one of the Marmaris to Greek islands cruise usually starts in the afternoon and the ferry stays in the harbour overnight. This means that guests have the whole evening to spend in Marmaris, which is a bustling tourist coastal town that entices guests with its very distinctive Turkish appeal.

In the morning – during breakfast- guests are going to be informed regarding the cruise program. Then the cruise to the Arabian Peninsula will commence. Stops for swimming and snorkelling creates a splendid day in the Turkish sunshine. The last stop is at Bozukkzle where the night will be spent. Day three we anchor at Dirsekbuku, and guests will be invited to tour Bozburun, a fishing town famous for sponge-diving and gulet building. On the fourth day, the cruise stops at Bencik Bay and dinner is going to be held in Datca, where the party will spend the night.

The fifth day is the day when the cruise is going to cross the waters that separate Turkey and Greece. The first Greek port to be visited is Symi. This Greek island boasts of beautiful bays and magnificent pebbled beaches, and of course can be best reached through a Marmaris to Greek islands cruise. Symi is seven miles away from the Turkish coast, making it an ideal first Greek stop. Many visitors to this tranquil island speak of it as a place where one can enjoy walking while enjoying the sights of a castle with colourful neo-classical mansions scattered below. Symi is also very popular for tourists who love exploring museums and monasteries; the Panormitis Monastery can be found here.

symi island greece One of a kind   Marmaris to Greek Islands Cruise

Symi Island, Greece

The following day, the cruise travels to Rhodes, the biggest island among the Dodecanese Islands. Rhodes is a famous holiday destination because it has the best beaches, the perfect year-round weather and the unique history of three significant civilisations. There are just so many things to see and do in Rhodes, which happened to be very popular in the ancient times for housing one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, that magnificent statue guarding the harbour – which sadly, is gone now.

Tonight, we moor the gulet in Rhodes harbour and guests are free to explore the old town, get caught up in the festive nightlife or simply relax on board.

On the seventh day of your cruise, the yacht will set off for Turkish waters once again. On the way, the crew will anchor at Cennet Island to have lunch and swim. In the afternoon we will cruise onto Marmaris to spend the night.
To end your Marmaris to Greek islands cruise, we have an enjoyable breakfast in Marmaris harbour. And then sadly guests will depart for their onward journey.

The Marmaris to Greek Islands cruise is a favourite tour among the young and old for its variety of beaches, towns and small bays. Be delighted by amazing Turkish sights, coupled with bustling summer towns of Greece.

The Marmaris to Greek Islands cabin cruise starts at just 500 euro per person, with prices increasing in the peak season. Its important to note that when booking this cruise the whole cabin must be booked whether travelling as an individual or a couple. Private charters are also available for this route.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Marmaris to Greek Islands tour today!

Turkey honeymoon yacht charter

It’s but natural to want to select the best destinations for your travels. But travelling for your honeymoon you need to be even more selective, because you are not just aiming to explore delightful sights but also to relax, and spend time with your loved one.

Perhaps this is the reason why many claim that the best honeymoons are spent on a yacht. You can swim, and sightsee, have the twin delights of exploring serene waters, and beautiful harbours and towns. There is minimal effort, and you can relax on the deck and be pampered by the crew. They’ll spend their time making sure your honeymoon is one to be remembered as long as the day you got married.
Turkey is one of the best destinations because of the endless choices that its coast has to offer. Moreover, years and years of a well developed tourism culture, and blue cruises distinct to the Turkish Riviera, mean that you will find the most professional service. The last thing you want is to have an embarrassing let down on your honeymoon!

You can choose a variety of private yachts and routes depending on your preference for secluded bays, rustic harbours, ancient ruins, or a combination of all. A round trip from Gocek via Kekova on your private cruise costs €950 per day for a luxury yacht, or if you’re on a budget, you can have the €500 per day mid range yacht. If you prefer the quite air of a small village (ideal for honeymoon) Gocek is a good starting point. This trip also covers the famous lagoon of Oludeniz, another historic town founded in the 4th century BC, a ruined fortress on ancient Simena, or Kekova village, and much more in a trip that lasts 8 days and 7 nights.

For a more upbeat experience, you can also opt for a round trip from Marmaris via Fethiye which also lasts 1 week. Located between two sets of mountains, the port town of Marmaris is also ideal for diving. You will also cover Dalyan with its breathtaking cliff face rock tombs, a natural protected bay called Tersane, and a hamam which is famously known as Cleopatra’s Bath. You will visit the old city center of Fethiye, the Gocek Island, and many more places with an opportunity to swim at various bays along the way.

Other options include Fethiye to Antalya, with swimming and snorkeling at Oludeniz and Kas, a view of the ancient ruins from centuries ago at Kekova and Phaselis, and refreshing at the scenic pebble beach of Olympos.

People also go for a round trip from Kemar via Kas, where you can shop at the quaint little town of Kas known for its rustic appeal and silver jewelry and also visit Phaselis, Simena and Olympos along the way.

There is no best choice, as every location in Turkey has something memorable to offer. This is a much better option than a guided tour, because the crew leaves you alone and you can have all the privacy that you want, with all the luxuries on board, and view the dazzling sun set from your deck if you are not docked at a town. A complete package in every possible way!


Honeymoon Turkey honeymoon yacht charter

Enjoy Your Holiday On Board a Turkish Motor Yacht

Turkish Motor Yachts are becoming to be the popular means of transportation for the Turkey’s tourist industry. Most people who are looking for holidays that can truly recharge their bodies and spirits are choosing yacht cruises over land tours. The most common reason why hiring Turkish motor yachts is a recommended option is because it allows you to enjoy the sceneries of Turkey, do water activities and take your hotel with you.
If you stay at a hotel near a beach, you would have to pay for the hotel stay, the food for your restaurant dining and for the activities that you would want to experience. By hiring motor boats, you get to experience hotel-like treatment while sailing the Turquiose Coast, plenty of activity lies are the doorstep of your motor yacht, as well as relaxing in the sunshine. On a motor boat you wont have to be up early to fight for a good spot on the sunbeds!
Crewed Turkish Motor Yachts
You have the option to book for a crewed motor yacht where you will be served by a captain and their crew. This is a great option if you have had no experience at sailing. Having experienced and skilled people around is always reassuring. You also would want to just spend most of your vacation time relaxing and not exerting efforts in choosing your next destination, preparing food or worrying about mooring your vehicle of the sea.
With a crewed motor boat or yacht you get to enjoy a lot of things that you may not have done before. You will have the chance to go swimming right after having coffee in the morning or you can stay on the deck all night staring at the star-filled sky.  There is simply no stopping you having a blast while on vacation. You just relax and enjoy and let the crew cater to your every need.
Turkish Motor Yachts can be small or big yachts, or you can also go for a different style – the traditional gulet. Gulets are wooden boats used in the old times for fishing. Today many tour companies are using these traditional boats to take tourists from one island to another and for the popular Fethiye to Olympos cruises.
There a variety of Turkish motor yachts available through Alaturka Yachting in areas like Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum and Gocek. However, we can also cater for people wanting to travel in the Dardenelles and around the waters of Istanbul.  When hiring a motor yacht please take into account that you will be quoted for the yacht as a base rate. You will then be quoted on meals (if desired) and an APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) seperately. An APA is a deposit for the estimated expense amount of your charter to cover costs such as dockage fees and fuel. Any APA money that is not used is then refunded to the guest after the charter ends.
For some recommended motor yachts please email info@alaturkayachting.com

Motor Yacht Turkey Enjoy Your Holiday On Board a Turkish Motor Yacht

Motor Yachts